Goodbye, David Cassidy

david cassidy on a horse

Goodbye, David Cassidy.

I loved you, as only a young girl can. You were sexy, but you know what else?
You were a nice guy. It must have been a trip growing up how you did, with swinger Jack Cassidy for a dad, and Shirley Jones and the Partridge Family, the rigors of a TV show and all of the pressures of being a kid in show business, a boy everyone wants to kiss.

Your job was to be fantastic and you did it. You worked hard all of your life, you had human problems, and I’ll bet you were nice in person too, not just as a teenager on TV.

When you realized that you weren’t going to make it, you took it with grace and love.
Thank you for helping me make it through high school.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye, David Cassidy

  1. Me too. I can’t imagine how very hard it must have been for him to live through all of that.

  2. Yes, I had a wicked crush on David during those high school years. I knew he was a nice guy, too. Looking forward every week to see the Partridge Family was the highlight of my week. Then later I think it may have been on weekdays after school if I remember correctly. Thanks for the dedication to him and he will not be forgotten.

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