unwinding into summer

I’ve come back to Tucson for a few months to finish up the edits of the new CGB books, and to see to the Tucson house, the lizards, to spend time with the cat Miss Fish, who lives here in a paradise of vines and birds and huge soaring skies.

I’d still love to keep this place, and I hope I can work it out. I’ll find out soon.

Either way, I took advantage of my time away from town and took out all of the furniture and had the floors taken back to the original red concrete, which I should have done ten years ago. It’s almost finished now, and it’s really something to see the house as it was built; simple, open, clean, so many windows.  I’ll photograph it when it’s finished, cleaned up.

I admit that I’m looking ahead to gentler days in the later summer, days when I have a little extra space and time, days when I know just a little more about the yet-unspooled part of my timeline.

It may seem as if I’ve dropped off of the face of the Earth, but I’m here, working, as I have been for 6 years now, staring straight at triangles and hypars and at the challenges of people working together in imperfect systems, finding their way on a living, shifting fabric of society and planet.

I’ve come to realize that most things are a fuckshow if you look too closely, but then if you look even closer, you can see that everything is beautiful too. Intensely, achingly beautiful, chaos and order, edges and energy. No matter at what level I examine this work, the patterns, the answers, the math, they all cross over.

I hope that I’m able to communicate that beauty and connection through whatever constraints apply at any given time; it’s my only goal.

So much connection, but so also much noise right now too.

The palo verde tree and all of the aloes are blooming now, and all of the world is tiny flowers.

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3 thoughts on “unwinding into summer

  1. I’m glad you are back in your Tucson Paradise. It would be so lovely if you could keep it somehow. I would love to see you one of these days when your life is in it’s new trajectory and mine has settled down a bit. Hugs!

  2. So nice to hear that you are back out west. Been thinking of you and you too Jeannette! I appreciate that you can see all the loveliness in spite of the shit show. It’s what I prefer to focus on too.
    I’m adjusting to my new desert life but without a fabulous pool! One day…

  3. Kate, I hope your doing well. I keep thinking of those beautiful gold walls. I wish I had your strength.

    I have a new email address, could you possibly send me yours so I can give you my new info? I’m totally done with Windows and am trying to go all Apple. It’s very difficult as is everything. Please could you email me privately?.

    Hang in there, I miss you.


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