People I love

Hello, people I love. Here is a little Miss Fish to cosmically kiss.

Miss Fish, sun, happy.
Last night was very difficult. For reasons I think we still don’t understand, the US elected Donald Trump.

It was a dark night of the soul for everyone who cares about kindness, fairness, about the example we set for our children, about the future of our planet, the value of the dollar, the value of intelligence, about the rights of women and minorities. The boorish pigs of the world feel vindicated, and people we know and love are going to have serious problems with health insurance, deportation, and the damage to their retirement accounts. We must care for each other as best as we can. What can we do?

We can be strong and kind, and help further good work and good people. I can create places of refuge and sanctuary where work can continue on the things that will really and truly turn our ship: for me, the top two are clean power and clean water.

I’m deeply hurt by the votes of the American people. It’s hard to forgive such ugliness. But I’m the same person today that I was yesterday, and I’m ready and willing to help lead the way to a genuinely different game and story- one that’s global, not political or national, and one that isn’t driven by the exploitation of the planet, people or animals.

So right now, let’s identify what can be sheltered from the coming storm, and get busy protecting it as best as we can. There is a great deal that I can do, actually; I’m fortunate to have already been moving in these directions, including setting up mechanisms to do work outside of the systems.

Breathe, and keep your love moving: this bad time will indeed bring hard changes, but change is a lever open to all. Perhaps this time if we keep our heads, we (the people of the world, not the voters of America) can make a different story arc out of the same old setup.


I love you, and nothing can change that, and you must do the best you can with the hand you are dealt. Me, I am going to get directly back to work, trying to make things better. I’m here for you if you need me.

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24 thoughts on “People I love

  1. Don’t be sad. You make the world better all on your own!
    We are all here for you as well.

    There’s a surprise package heading it’s way to you…an extra surprise in the back. It will make more sense when you open it.

    I hope it brings you a bit of comfort…at least it’s tangible proof…you are loved! You have my heart.

    Love you,


  2. Thank you for being there, for putting things in perspective, for not letting the world change you but doing your best to change the world. I’m with you., and love you too.

  3. Thank you Kate – What’s done is done and I can only hold myself accountable for what I choose to do going forward. Thank God we are a democracy and only need to survive 4 years (unlike N. Korea). Chin up. For today, though, I can’t look at any of the newsfeeds :(

  4. Thank you, Kate. Like Verda, I’m unwilling to look at any of the newsfeeds today. I’m giving myself today to be sad about how things worked out, and to worry about my peeps that aren’t white, aren’t heterosexual, aren’t Christian, aren’t male. Tomorrow, though….onward & forward, for sure.

  5. Thank you Kate. I felt horrible last night and this morning, and avoided the news and Facebook. People who ranted so proudly for Trump are not so in your face today…at least in my circle, and I’m surprised. We will rally, and see what happens. We cannot look back and change anything, but go forward and learn from our mistakes. Love…

    • It’s a real kick in the stomach to bullied populations that a lot of loud, angry racists and misogynists have elected the worst playground bully we’ve seen in a long time.

      We have laws against hate speech, laws against bullying, laws against discriminating against the disabled, people of colour, and women, and now our President is a bully who calls people names and grabs women by the pussy? WTFF?

      HOWEVER, I believe the Trump voters comprised something like 18.6% of registered voters, so don’t worry, it isn’t half of us.

  6. I literally cried! I was so upset! I cannot understand how so many could’ve followed this man. He so reminds me of my father and I am 61 years old. That reverses so much of what we have fought for in the past 45 years. The injustices and inhumane treatments of others. Are we going to loose the respect of the world? Or worse ….. another war!
    Thanks for your words! I still feel some anxiety and I probably will for 4 years.
    Love & Hugs

    • Yes, and imagine how it feels to be an older person of colour right now, remembering perhaps marching for civil rights. We must be very protective of our friends, neighbors, colleagues, all people of colour, immigrants, Muslims, Jews… man. We need to bring reason back into the social dialogue so that Trump supporters know that 26% of the vote is not a mandate to suddenly begin doing bullying and hate crimes again. It’s so difficult to make this point with a bully for President, and the House, Senate and the Supreme Court open to run like gaming tables.

      We must be clever, resourceful, and go around them as we always have.

  7. For me, the hardest lesson to learn in all of this is that the men in this country will never let a woman be in charge. They just won’t. A black man got in because he was “a man” after all. But a woman. Never. Not in my lifetime at least.

  8. Thank you for the prospective on SNL. My mother and I had high hopes for Secretary Clinton and still do. We’re residents of the District and feel that your opening of the episode embodied our feelings. Thank you. Personally I feel that Trump is am embarrassment. Thank you for representing tolerance and empathy.

  9. Listening to you sing hallelujah gives me so much comfort. While it’s not Hillary’s voice, your impersonation of her has become very familiar, and representative of her.
    I know this may sound strange, but she has become somewhat of a loving mother figure to her supporters. I’ve been listening to it all day, and it feels like true reassurance from her, like a warm hug from your mom telling you that everything will be okay. Thank you so much for representing her so brilliantly throughout this election. I really hope we get to see you play her again later on.

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