onward and upward

Among the many interesting things about this particular moment in spacetime, humantime, and katetime is that I’m getting a better sense of how certain metaphors I’ve never understood might translate to a physics-based grasp of things.

I’ve been fascinated by the way that discoveries in edge cloning led me to the understanding of the concept of the stick with points. If I just had an infinite single line, with an infinite number of grippy points, I could make a Universe. Or a universe of Universes.

Martin Demaine on the radar ball

Martin Demaine swinging on the radome is never wrong, but today it is especially right.

The whole Magical Stick situation led me to the idea of wizards, and their staffs or sticks. In Christian mythology, the Lord has a rod and a staff, and they comfort me. Most wizards have a staff, some a wand, some a sword, some all three. I suspect some of them of having a soft pouch in their pocket, full of slender worn sticks. If I were those wizards, some or all of my sticks would be notched, so I could read them.

Today, when I was thinking about our ideas regarding soft spots in spacetime, or action moments (or moments when the warp of things is briefly right in front of your face and you can put your hand, yourself, or even your whole reality right through to the other side) I suddenly thought, “Red Sea parting!” and laughed. Because it’s like that, or that is like this.

Suddenly, a superhighway opens where there was just a buzzing wall of fuck, and if you are on your game, as long as that space is soft,  you can move things through. It’s like the clear space or resonance zone near a chaos field. Different rules than everyday space.

As Charles Chase said, “It’s the same-sized hole.” He meant that the size of the soft spot is irrelevant, because it can be any size, once its open. Put a can of Pringles through it, a team of camels, or pull the whole Universe in after you, nothing cares. Frankly, if we are stupid enough to crisp our planet up like Venus, nothing still cares, and there isn’t anyone to miss us.

I want to turn the ship from the rocks only because I’m emotional about this beautiful planet, and I like people, or at least most of them. People spend time (that could be spent making things actually better) worrying about how badly things are going, but maybe the reason our team can see this open center is actually because of the absurd levels of extremism being put out right now.

too hot too dumb too coldCartoon by Jon Lomberg.

If you think about it, if even reasonable people can take Trump seriously, or if he would even seriously be a threat (either way, it’s not interesting or a good use of my time to parse) that is simply nuts. And needs to stop.

It’s been very polarizing, and this has left a very empty spot in the middle, where there is just a small amount of random stuff milling around, the way random stuff and random people do. And this leaves space for a small disruption; we can walk right through it. The buzzing has neatly separated as if the Lord split it with his nifty staff, and the castle of the common reality is unguarded.

We can’t change the things that simply are. Like governmental bureaucracies, committee inaction, or the lust for power, money, or glory that seem to present in most people when they are put in charge of a thing. All we can do is go around it, or ground it so it stops arcing.

In a way, each of us on this Science In Action team feels as if we have been training our entire lives for this very moment. And we are PACKING OUR COSMIC LOVE DONKEYS as fast as we can. And we are going to bring as much through that gateway as we can, and I promise you, it will be enough. I actually believe that this moment of madness is deeply meaningful; it is essential, it is epic, and it is important. And if I have one piece of advice for you is it this: MIND YOUR MANNERS while all this absurdity is going down.

and remember, the play is the thing
wherein we’ll catch the conscience of the King

4 thoughts on “onward and upward

  1. Give me disruption–I feel as if I can simply slice through it with my heart and hand extended. “Go around or ground” really is all we need to do.

  2. THANK YOU. Every single word. And I needed a nudge about that MINDING MANNERS thing. I’m surrounded by a hot mess of delusion and hate but so much of this is indeed avoidable.

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