deep-sea grasses

My mind right now feels like a sea, and my thoughts like waving grass in the water, like deep weeds, delicate tendrils, a swirl both obscuring and clarifying. Everything is connected by the water, but connected does not equate comprehended. There is much yet to come.

Danger of Travel on Hypars

Ideas are appearing simultaneously in the minds of our teams; I think of hexaflexagons, for example, and find that Kim was just researching the form, that Susannah in England and Cath in Switzerland have built dimensional forms of them called kaleidocycles. And we have new ideas for engineering them in our fabric of glass.

This is Kim Van Antwerp’s first interpretation of our 24-triangle based form:


I was in Cambridge for all of January, and crazed things happened in and around MIT. The beadwork project exploded, really went out into space. The MIT Mathematical Beading Club was started up, and we gained about 100,000 new participants worldwide. Which is incredible. It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life, and I will definitely be back. In fact, I doubt I’ll ever leave.

I also managed to get back up on the roof of Green twice. This is Peter and Amanda from the mighty Cambridge 7 firm of architects, flanking Kellner Brown, who flew into Boston from Mexico City to make some magic with me.

Peter Kellner Amanda Roof

Martin and Erik Demaine were up with us on the first trip as well, which was so much fun. This is Martin, swinging from the ladder to the large radome, the Ball I love.

Martin Demaine on the radar ball

On a second visit, we went up with Peter and Steve Imrich from the C7 Architects (longer story here) and my friend Josh from MIT EAPS, who is helping us get photo and video of the process of creation.

We were accompanied by MIT Facilities, which was new, but in line with what’s going on, which has gone significantly beyond the original plan of mounting an energy-generating sculpture.

On The Roof III With ArchitectsOn the Roof IV by JoshOn the Roof II by Josh

There is much work in the air; I am busier than I have ever been. We have three books on the layout table, work to photograph, and machines to make.