It might be a German word for a hack that comes to life. Which is what I am living.

It is much as you would expect falling into a story, a movie, or a game would be, and luckily I have read enough stories, seen enough films, and played enough games to know that mettle is the thing. Unless it’s cleverness, or it might be bravery. And sometimes it’s thread tension.

I am loving being at MIT as much as I ever do. I feel like I can stand still and still get throughput. What a place.

Building what with Len Tower

Below, an Ellen Harding Baker “Solar System” Quilt,  1876

Ellen Harding Baker. Solar System Quilt 1876

Len Tower showing me Miters, a makers’ lab, earlier this week.

len tower at miters

On that same day, he showed me the model railroad zone where there is a model of the Green Building (see the Radome and the weather tower?) that you can play Tetris on . It was an actual hack of the building; see the photo below the maquette.

Tetris on the Green Bldg

The Green Building is Building 54, where Planetary is, and followers of this life will recall several previous adventures in the building and on the roof.


Today, Len took me out to put up posters for the CGB IAP sessions – my first lecture is Monday. We were in tunnels and stairwells and elevators and loading docks and so many buildings I lost count.

kate at mit by len tower

The posters look like this. Scan the QR code! Does it go to my web site, a photo of Lemmy, or to a cat video?

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 12.24.35 PM

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