my oh my

My guests and collaborators (in town for a bit of foolishness surrounding the CGB Magic Show, still tightly under wraps) have all left for their own lives recently, and I am briefly, after several other exciting and shorter visits, left to my own devices.

Now work of a different kind begins. We only accomplished a fraction of what I had hoped we would, but it’s still so much. And we will all be together again in Boston, and then again in Tucson…

Life is rocketing forward. MIT is close enough to check a weather forecast, which is thrilling. I am unspeakably excited about the month, honestly, I could use an entire sack of adjectives.

What has been freezing (literally) is the Tucson desert, but today we are finally warming, and I can unbend a little bit and begin to try to organize my own priorities. There is more still to come before I fly out on Monday. More visits, more photography, hopefully more video. It’s been amazing so far. And we got a CAMEL. Well, not a real camel. But close. Or maybe even better.

Once I fly away, I won’t be back to the Ranch until February 1, by which time my friend Gail will already be ensconced in the guest room, and the Tucson shows will be in full swing, and the Ten Day Party will begin. I put piles of soft things on the outdoor bed, and I think I’d better sleep out there even if for just one night, tomorrow, to set the tone.

I leave for Christmas with the usual feelings of confusion. I may as well cease work on Saturdays or paint tribal markings onto the faces of our children as celebrate a religious holiday, but here we go again, ta-ra, and of course it will be lovely to be together.

Our boys are all grown now; this will be Evan’s last spring of high school. Bri is in Japan, we can’t have her with us…but just like every day, in every place we find ourselves, we must all love each other while we can, while we are together.

2 thoughts on “my oh my

  1. I can’t wait to see what that Camel is!
    I wish you a wonderful time with your beloved ones, Kate. Sending love from Switzerland!

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