A rather whirly few weeks

I’m on the way out of NYC this evening, pointed at DC for the annual planetary science meeting. I both can and cannot believe how much Italian food I have been able to eat.

Scene at Emilios

Above, at Emilio’s Ballato, SoHo.

I’m going downcoast to spend the week with Bill, to see friends, and to spend my own days working. It’s time to get serious about working drafts.


If I do it right, I will be able to lay a very introductory, basic magic book down in a space that hasn’t existed before; a way to begin the beginning in harmony with the structures of creation, and the ideas of the Built World. This is powerful stuff, and I am proceeding with respect.

If I do it right, it will fund the project into the future.

This was an amazing trip for seeing friends. Half of everyone seems to pass through here; if I can’t catch people here, or in Boston, or at gatherings, or on travel, or in Tucson, then those people are just hard to catch, and they must catch me.

Carter in Seaglass Kate and Ryan Times Square by Carter Pope and Kellner

bleeker street   Russell Fox And Zebra Hotness web

For anyone following along with the life of that world-in-worlds that Contemporary Geometric Beadwork has become (and which is now running seamlessly along with the Love Letters project, so secretly, there are four books in process in my world), I have schedule updates.

I’ll be in Boston for all of January, teaching this and that. Some classes will be at MIT (you know I like it there) and some not. Click for the schedule.

Robot at CSAIL, MIT, Gehry Building. photo by Kate Mckinnon

Amusingly half of my classroom assignments put me right back in the Gehry building, which is something I like very much as well. I keep drawing the Lockheed Aerospace classroom, and it feels like a right sort of a place to let the work soar, and build collaborations.

As does NYC.

Astonishingly, I seem to have a place here already made; I cannot explain it but I rejoice in it. I feel very connected to the city, to the work, to Boston, and to the opportunities that are all around me.

calatrava broke my heart Man On Stairs At Slipper Room whole bird IMG_3917 IMG_3925  IMG_3936

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