Hello, September

It’s been a while since I checked in.

This past weekend, my beloved Orangelina, a Desert Spiny lizard who lived in the back yard, went to the Great Lurk In The Sky. I thought that her passing deserved its own moment, its own post, and so it got one.

Orangelina is happy to see me

Goodbye, little orange muffin.

I miss her dearly. Being home this month is lucky for me; I was able to notice what was happening and had the chance to spend her last day with her. And what a last day it was, lying in the garden, surrounded by sounds and birds and protected from predators by someone who loved her. Who could ask for more?

It’s the sort of a last day I would want. Just hanging out, in the garden.

I’ve been to many lands since I last wrote. After the Pluto encounter, I went up to NYC to see Ryan Anas and Michael Pope, and not see Carter Emmart (who was in Singapore, but just recently seen at David Grinspoon and Jennifer Goldsmith’s wedding) and meet Peri Lyons.


Carter and I at Dave and Jen’s wedding, photo by Henry Throop

NYC train July

below the train, Brooklyn

Ryan and I had lunch at the Black Swan. The unfiltered Down East cider was like drinking sunshine. Amazingly, Graham Thompson (a friend from Tucson) has moved to NYC, and lives just down the street from the Swan; he stopped in to say hello and it was lovely to see him.

Ryan Black Swan Downeast Cider Williamsburg

below, Peri Lyons, raconteur, flaneur, seer


After NYC,  I went home to Tucson for a few weeks to get my new work together, and then to San Diego to give a talk. The talk went well, and the new work is propagating nicely around the world, I got a ride in Craig’s boss car, I got to meet Gwen Fisher.

Craig Miramons 1964 Galaxie 500

Craig Miramon’s ’64 Galaxie 500, San Diego

Kate and Jeannette Cook

Jeannette Cook and I at the Carnitas Snack Shack in South Park, photo by Doriot

below, garden party, Doriot’s house, Gwen Fisher, Joyce Rooks and Cort in the background

Great Party Doriots

After all of that, I flew off to St. Louis, and then the four of us (but no cats) went on to Chicago to deliver Liam to the Art Institute of Chicago as a new freshman. Wyatt was impressed.

Wyatt is adorable

I’ve been in love with Chicago since first sight; it’s such a cool city. I find it incredible that Liam gets to go to school at the Art Institute, that his dorm is right on State Street (across from the Chicago Theater) and right in the middle of things. What luck!

structures and backbones

I would have about died of happiness had anyone, at any point (even last week) dropped me off in Chicago with living expenses, studio space, and art supplies, and said, “Have a great time! Do good work!”

Chicago river

kate in chicago

And now, I’m home again, catching my breath, catching up on sleep, looking forward to a couple of weeks of deep thinking and deep work preparing for the Boston Seed Bead Summit, just four weeks away. Life feels both like it’s careening along at an insatiable clip, and also slow and dreamy; it’s a strange and beautiful time of creation and renewal for me.

I’m grateful for what I have, for whatever simplicity exists in my life.


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  1. My husband went to the Goodman School back when. It shared space with the Art Institute. There’s talk about giving Marina City on to the National Historical Registry so they will always be safe. My dad supplied all the electric transformers and other goodies to his good friend, McHugh, the contractor. Those balconies scare the poop out of me, parking’s a bit spooky as well. Great part of the city!
    I’m so sorry about your beautiful lizard, you were like a mom, protecting her to the end. Glad you were home to be with her.
    Be well,

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