Farewell, Orangelina

Orangelina Yes

My sweet lizard love Orangelina has gone to the great Lurk in the sky. She died of natural causes, at a ripe old age of something like 7, leaving generations of progeny behind to entertain and beguile us.

lizard family breakfast july 2015Orangelina, Euell, and Lurkmaster Flash, summer 2015

She spent her last day sitting on the grass mat between the Lurk and the pool, soaking up the sun, the moment. I was home with a sore back, and so happened to be around for the whole cycle, and spent that last time with her, making sure no one bothered her.

 It’s wonderful and dreadful to fall in love. And so hard to say goodbye.

Orangelina postperil

It was just fabulous knowing you, gorgeous. I loved every minute of you.
Fair worms and following ants.

Orangelina Queenly June 2014


18 thoughts on “Farewell, Orangelina

  1. Well, it does make me sad, I know you will miss her and I will miss the things that you write about her. She probably lived a longer life than usual, what with a great lurk and all those yummy worms you fed her! It was pretty wonderful to get to know her and I won’t forget her!

  2. I am sorry for your loss. I am thankful for all the photos with story that you have shared. She was beautiful & still is, just stardust.

  3. You were lucky, both of you, to have found each other. She was a wonderful inspiration in many ways… and you definitely had an unusual, special relationship. I’m glad you were able to be with her at the last.. so often with the little creatures one just isn’t aware they’ve gone until they don’t appear for a while. Seems to me she may have told her son or grandson Cosmo he needed to make your acquaintance… to continue the family tradition. Vale and Bon Voyage, little Orangelina… you’ll be missed by a wide group of people you never knew existed.

  4. I agree–it is wonderful to fall in love . . . And hard to say good-bye. Thank you for sharing this chapter of the Orangelina story with us, although I’m not as enamored of this chapter as I have been the other installments. But . . . stardust she is. I hope one or some of her progeny come to the Lurk & make it their home.

    • Oh, her children already live there, she has given so many fabulous lizards to Creation. Euell (seen in one of the pix) is one of her sons from 2014. I miss her terribly but her family is all around me. Hugs.

  5. Oh, I feel so sad to hear this! I loved the storys that you told us, and the wonderful photos of her. She really was a beautiful girl, with those orange stripes… I loved it that you were able to feed her worms, this was amazing…
    Rest in piece, little Orangelina!

  6. So sorry to hear this, Kate. You are always so generous in sharing your world with us and took it a step further with Orangelina! Farewell little one!

  7. I am saddened by the news of the beautiful Orangelina’s passing. Your photos have made her immortal. More lizard photos in the future please. Feel better soon.

  8. I don’t have words. I am sad because I know how much you loved her. Thank you for sharing her sweet life & loveliness with all of us. 💖💖

  9. I feel your sadness and it made my eyes suddenly very wet. Love for and from a wild animal is something so astonishing and beautiful. I’m sorry for your loss, and will miss the stories you shared about her. Thank you for all of those you shared, and for this beautiful homage.

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