and just like that

And just like that, everything is different.

built in fascinator

Sleeping outside is suddenly full of more risk, more animate consciousnesses; flying things like lumbering beetles and sometimes mosquitoes, and lots of baby bunnies and mousies and the cats on the prowl and the helicopter, searching for miscreants every night now.

Is there more crime in summer than winter, even in a temperate zone?

I moved inside three nights ago, but find that in the heat of the mid-afternoon, I once again have the yard to myself and I can siesta in the garden bed. There is a red mosquito net, if I want. But the nights, they might be finished for now. Too many creatures.

Last night, due entirely to a wave of stupid that either now lives at or hit Rincon Market like a virus (they simply cannot survive if this is all that they have to work with now, but looking at their online menu and seeing terrible grammatical errors I fear that they are lost) I ended up at Brooklyn Pizza, in the market for a slice with basil.

There was all manner of excitement in the street, the doorway, the air, as a robbery and an apprehension had occurred, and en scene was the Perfect Detective in a lavender shirt. I was mesmerized.

Perfect Detective 1

A photograph could never capture him; no picture could, because he has stillness. He was almost completely still until he moved, and when he moved, he moved without waste, and when I was watching him, he knew it, even when I was inside a building. I could watch him forever and my eyes would never go hungry, trying to absorb the secret.

I will do all of us (but especially him) the favor of forgetting him immediately. If he is lucky he will never see me again.

Perfect Detective 2

Bill and the boys were in Chicago this past weekend, visiting the Art Institute of Chicago, where Liam plans to go. It’s so exciting, and Liam is quite taken with the Loop and the feel of the city. I’ve always loved it there, of course. Chicago was my favorite American city until I met Boston.

Evan and Bill went out on the glass Skydeck at the Willis Tower, 103 floors up.

Evan up high Chicago

If your nerve deny you
go above your nerve
he can lean against the grave
if he fear to swerve

Emily Dickinson

8 thoughts on “and just like that

  1. Nobody who lives in or around Chicago calls THAT building, the Willis Tower. It is and will always be THE Sear’s Tower. Even the TV people 90% of the time laugh and refer to it as the Sear’s Tower.

    When the sky deck first opened, Mayor Daley took a stroll onto it as if it were street level. He had to literally harass his poor secretary that she didn’t have the nerve to wall out into a glass box in the Sears Tower a mere 100 floors above street level. I fully understood her fear. All that was missing in my mind was a plane headed directly at them, flying out of O’Hare.
    Windows blew out of the Hancock Building during a terrible storm, and someone decides to build this. It has, by the way, already have to close due to cracks in the glass.
    All in all, it’s probably safer than trying to cross Michigan Avenue.
    A short time ago, a gang of around a hundred kids were roaming like bangers with police in hot pursuit.
    I lived with my dad in the late 70″s at 1000 Lake Shore Drive, corner of LSD and Oak Street when some man jumped out of a third floor window on Oak Street, cops in hot pursuit, after he had shot and murdered someone. He landed 2 feet in front of me. Not much has changed.
    The city may almost be bankrupt, but guns and bullets, maybe Rahm will just tax the hell out of those as well….

      • You’re overworking! Glad I made you laugh…but no more walking out 100 stories up, where glass cracked! The Hancock windows blowing out literally saved a guy who the cops said he pushed her through the glass, long way down, the end was not good! EVERYONE was convinced her murdered her until the horrendous storm weeks later and windows were blowing out all over the lakefront. He was released…Just please, no more sky walks, save those for “Luke”!
        Feel better soon!

  2. Of course, I have to ask wtf that Desert Storm coffin is doing on top of the gross polluter in the foreground of Detective Lavender’s photo, and is that Lavvie’s sandwich on the parking meter?

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