everything is made of flowers

cactus flowers


everything is made of flowers


The lizard I’ve named Puppy scatters flowers in a circle as he cavorts around me. Today I called him over to the outdoor shower for a photo. It was hard for him to stand still. He required six worms first. (The worm bag says “feed your lizard 1-2 worms daily.”

Puppy blue puppy

The aloe spires below are taller than I am, and numerous. The front garden has grown in so magnificently I can hardly believe it; I think that the sunflowers will be ten feet tall this summer.

Giant Spires

I am making headway, but the list grows in front of me and it is suddenly towering over me with insistence, taller than I remember.

I must not show indecisiveness.


7 thoughts on “everything is made of flowers

  1. He looks absolutely prehistoric in this photo! I love that he comes when you call. They are my favorite creatures. So personable.

      • I love them both, and was curious about her supposed absence. Good to hear she’s not in hiding. Her charging him is a territorial sign, albeit you, food or her lair we can only imagine. I really enjoy reading your tales of them both. Looking forward to more.

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