I surrender to the golden

Each time I think that the B40 cannot possibly get more golden it gets more golden, and more awesome, and I have wisely given up saying “this is the most beautiful day I’ve ever seen.” The scent of the flowers commands my senses; I can no more forget it than the full moon at night.

I surrender to the golden

Today I was a steamroller, a typhoon, a monkey of love, and I got everything done that had to be done, and I hope that tomorrow I’ll get the things done that ought to be done. And maybe tonight before I fall asleep I’ll be able to get the thing done I want to get done, which is the PDF and shared folder of Boston photos.

2 thoughts on “I surrender to the golden

    • my bougainvillea won’t bloom for at least a month… but I do have jasmine and honeysuckle mixing with the palo verde. I am taking Sudafed on a four hour schedule to keep breathing but it’s divine.

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