crazy beautiful

I had a productive day today, lots of work done on the CGB project. Fish was very helpful as ever.

Fish Photoshop

I love days of flow and have been hungry for one. I got some beautiful photographs this afternoon, and spent a few hours finishing the layout for a piece going out tomorrow; one that explains how one structural form can make an amazing variety of architectural shapes, all of them stable. Some of them ornamental. Each of these two single pages shows the possibilities at the moment; one form arranged in different ways.

Flower Composite 1 and 2, Kate McKinnon 2015

I don’t care about jewelry, really, I just love to make architectural maquettes. I’m lucky other people feel differently, though, because I don’t think I’d get a lot of takers for model-making. I’d be like one of those guys who wraps giant balls of rubber bands. Quaint, useless.

In the spaces and stretches off of the camera and Mac, I worked in the garden, swam. The pool is still in the low 60’s, but I refuse to care. I just get in, and swim. Simple as that. It feels fantastic to get my summer on. The palo verde is at max bloom now, and the lizards and I each have different views of it. This is mine, from the garden bed.

crazy beautiful cooper

And this is Orangelina’s, from the gargoyle. She’s actually in the shot, at the very lower left, waiting for me to get out of her way.

view from the Lurk

The whiptail I’ve named Puppy is really out of hand. Today he nibbled on my toes, he was so excited while I was opening the sack of dried worms. There is more to him, but he doesn’t fit on the page. He’s about ten inches long, and his tail has incredible sections of detail.

Puppy April 2015

He’s such a nut; I can call him from across the yard and he will run over to me, freaking out with happy. I think he would let me pick him up if I wanted to. I don’t; I think of him as fragile, I don’t want him to be complacent. It’s bad enough already, what we are doing, it’s unlizardly.

Orangelina (who chased off a dove yesterday, which was as badass as Miss Fish chasing off a hawk, which she also did) got mad at the Puppy this afternoon for getting too many worms, too much attention, and she ran down off of the wall and ran over him, which is her way of saying “fuck off”. He was chastened, but managed to finish his worm.

I can’t believe how much I love it here. Right now, as I am finishing up for the night, the honeysuckle has taken over as the dominant note; when I wake with the dawn, it will be the jasmine.

swings and blossoms cooper

garden bed april 2015

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    • I don’t know that anyone can have no fear; I do live in an urban center. Last night, when the police helicopter was going over for a while, I thought about my strategy if a hostile individual came over the wall. I decided that I’d decide at the moment; I guess either I’d kick their head off, or quietly roll under the bed frame and hope for the best.

      Mostly I rely on the idea that there is a force field of love around my house, and that most people will pass it by. And so far, that’s been the case. But I’m not cavalier about it.

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