time slips

Astonishingly, it’s Tuesday evening.

I’m not sure how that happened. As far as I know I returned to the desert on Sunday night at midnight. 48 hours seem like a high number, but the hours do slip into days. I’ve been busy.

It’s glorious here, fully summer.

first day of summer 2015

I’ve started swimming, although the water is still in the 60s. It seems good for my character as well as my muscles. I need everything I can get in terms of fitness, as life is full of challenges.

The pool is beautiful, the old plaster still holding the force field, patinated deep green, copper, blue. It’s 35 feet long, 16 feet wide, 10 feet deep. A relic from the 1950s, when bigger was unquestionably better.

Orangelina has emerged from her sequestration, and is once again Queen of the Lurk. Her lover has been chosen; I do believe that it’s the same flash boy from last summer, the one who has a knack of disappearing when you blink.

Orangelina and palo verde

She is also enjoying the beautiful warm days,

Possibly she notices that the palo verde is in bloom, that the yellow flowers now cover the entire back corner of the yard. There seem to be an equal number on the tree and on the ground; the harvester ants are gathering the flowers into neat lines, ferrying them down into their underground matrix of perfectly canted rooms where they farm fungus, feeding it seasonal delights.

I continue sleeping and showering outdoors, it’s everything I dreamed it would be.

outdoor bed for sleeping

Tonight has been very beautiful, with a fat moon that ought to last until 4 am, and Venus and Mars just setting. The air is heavy with scent from the citrus trees, the honeysuckle, the jasmine, the jessamine.

The birds have become accustomed to me sleeping by their feeder, and the thrashers and quail forage around the bedskirts, the male cardinal lands on the round brass bedposts.

tucson sunset mar 31

I work and think, and garden, and work, and swim, and dream, in a haze of days, of love.
Tomorrow, video. I have a new project shipping out on Friday.

garden lights

6 thoughts on “time slips

  1. It looks like heaven on Earth! Jasmine in the air…we have cold gray skies, temperature is up and down and snow last week. I grew up with a yard of lilac bushes, and bridal wreath trees in the front yard. My dad hung a tire from a tree and I would swing for hours. With 3 brothers, a Notre Dame dad, we played touch football, I lost my two front teeth in a poorly thrown pass. Yards make a house, home; you have an amazingly beautiful yard and home….jasmine, WOW!
    Did Bri get a new post yet? Your pictures are unbelievable. Keep the wind at her back!
    Be well.

    • Hi, Marianne!
      Bri won’t have her new assignment until summer’s end – she has three months of school first.

      Also, I love tire swings. Any swings. Especially the ones that can swing all the way across a yard.

  2. Don’t you have mosquitoes, Kate? Sitting in the four foot remnants of the most snow we’ve ever seen in a winter the only thing that made me feel better was that we don’t have tornadoes, poisonous snakes or alligators. But you don’t have earthquakes, tornadoes or alligators and if you don’t have mosquitoes and can comfortably sleep out in the warmth of the night, I have no consolation whatsoever. Except maybe that religious zealouts seem to be attracted by heat – Canada’s climate must freeze the fundamentalism right out of most of them.

    • mosquitoes, yes, sometimes. In the monsoon season, definitely, July-Septemberish. And there are some out now, but they tend to be out only at certain times of day; dusk mostly. They must sleep at night; I just stay indoors if they are bity.

      happily they bite me less as I get older, and also I have a lot of plants they dislike – lavender, citronella, etc. The bed frame has a planter actually built into it for bug-repelling plants, and I do have a full mosquito net I can close if I want to be out here when they are too.

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