I was in Boston for one blissful week. Technically I was there for Bri’s goodbye from the USS Constitution, but  I took the opportunity also to schedule the photoshoots at MIT and elsewhere that I had been plotting, and to see a performance of Shockheaded Peter with Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys.

We caught it on Saturday night, and it was genius.

Snip Snip

I made for the roof of the planetary building as soon as I got into town. Rob van der Hilst took me up for a quick safety check; I had developed a fixed idea that after three months of intense winter there might be ice, snow or water up there, but in fact it was almost absurdly warm and sunny. It was summer up there.

But still a bit icy down below.

from the roof Mar 24 2015

Since I was at MIT, I stopped by the Saarinen chapel as well, to see how the renovations were coming, if there was anything to know about access. I take these shoots seriously.

Our appointment with that location was set for Friday afternoon; they were closing the chapel for us, very nice of them. I wanted to do a few shots that treated the dais as a Star Trek transporter pad, and also lay someone out on the marble block, and I didn’t want to be disrespectful, even though it wasn’t built to be an exclusively religious space. It’s a community resource, available for anyone to request. People get married in there, they do theater. It gets a lot of architectural attention, because it was designed by Eero Saarinen.

This is a model in progress of his gorgeous TWA terminal at JFK, which I was lucky enough to have been in once when it was still swingin.

Library of Congress/ photo by Balthazar Korab

photo Balthazar Korab / Library of Congress

In addition to just knowing what was on the ground, I was trying to plan with and around the Boston weather, which has been impressive and varied. I saw two sparkling spring days, two rainy days, a beautiful snowflakey blizzard, and a bright, sunny blue sky morning that had everyone in the streets. We got lucky, everything worked.

The ceremony on the ship was memorable.

kate mckinnon and bri date by Kyle cassidy

Bri Date goodbye, photo US Navy

I loved seeing how much had genuine affection they all had for Bri and each other. They told stories, they complimented her on leaving things better than she found them, they even hip-hip-meowed her off the pier, a definite break with ceremony (and in deference to her tendency to communicate in meows or pterosaur skreeks).

Bri goodbye photo by Kyle

Quite a few of us turned up for the moment – Kellner and his dad (who is a ship fancier), Bill McKinnon, Gail Moore, Ryan Anas, Kyle. It was splendid, unforgettable.

It was good to catch up with friends, have adventures, be there for each other. Lots more photos coming… soon.

Jack Wisdom and Bill McKinnon by Kate

sushi lunch with Jack Wisdom, notes about Neptune on a napkin

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  1. I love your new masthead photo–wow! Photo of you and Bri looking into each other’s eyes is stunning. The shot of your tribe next to Old Ironsides is splendid. Really wish I could have been there. Congrats to Bri and to you!

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