love letters

It’s a sunny day in Tucson, and the sky is full of clouds, blue, and birds.

st augustines march 2015

My new book project(s) are coming along really nicely; a third volume of Contemporary Geometric Beadwork that I’m not promoting yet, but am working on, and a completely new project on love, sustainability, and process that can be seen at the Love Letters book blog.

There is a new entry up now, in fact. If you are interested in the project, follow the blog and you’ll get occasional updates. I’m not taking pre-orders yet (other than the dozen I took to open it) but when we are close to press time, this year or next, I’ll let you know.

Also, I realize that I forgot to show the photo of the new garden bed last time. Still all in progress of course. But getting very good.

the best thing ever outdoor bed at cooper st