love letters portraits

I work on portraits for the new book every day now, using words, sketching in my little books or doing digital painting from, on top of, or not from photographs. It’s good for me, and I learn a little more each day about what lines mean, and how to use fewer of them.

This morning’s subject, the handsome William K. Hartmann, explorer of worlds. This is the look on his face that I love best. For the book, my final piece will probably end up on a field of space and stars. I’m not sure. Digital pastels (and a filter that turns the surface to a canvas texture first) on a digital photo.

hartmann sketch mar 2, kate mckinnon, canvas filter and oil pastels on a digital image, 2015

For every person involved or profiled or whatever in the book I am making portraits; in some cases actual action figures. Things are really moving now; highly improbable things are happening, all of them good.

And this is digital brush-painting and other manipulation on top of a photo that I took of my son, Evan, in the last week we lived in Boston.

evan by kate

This is Michael Pope, from a digitally manipulated crop of a photo by Kyle Cassidy.
Lots of brushes and filters and lights and digital paint and oil pastels.

Michael Pope by Kate McKinnon from a photo by Kyle Cassidy, digital image manipulation and cropping

I’m not sure what to call what I am doing beyond making portraits, trying to show you what I see in each of these people, at each of these times.