Key West

I’m down at the edge of my home continent, teaching for a long weekend.
It’s beautiful.

key west boat ride

key west fort zachary

Fort Zachary

Top photo, the Westin dock at Sunset Key, photo by Marjorie.
Above two shots, Ft. Zachary State Park beach, with the afternoon clouds just rolling in. Below, a detail of a fish on an art car.

key west fish on an art car

I visited the Hemingway estate, with the six-toed cats.
It was glorious, depressing, poignant.

key west hemingway house

Hemingway women

key west hemingway house 2

key west hemingway catz pool

There was an entirely satisfactory number of cats, evenly distributed.

key west hemingway cats key west hemingay bedroom

Princess Six Toes and Charlie Chaplin by Samuel Mendez
Painting of Princess Six Toes and Charlie Chaplin by Samuel Mendez; I bought postcards of it for several of my catloving friends.

The retreat went really well. We had a good crowd of interested and interesting people.

key west 2015

We had so much fun, in fact, that we are all doing it again next year, and doing it with Marcia DeCoster and Beki Haley as well. Whee!

I spent a lot of time walking around the neighborhoods. The houses reminded me of New Orleans, very colourful, with lots of porches and verandas.

Key west 3

carries house key west

Plenty of haint blue porch ceilings as well, discouraging the spirits, and the gardens are nuts.

Orchid and more haint blue   haint blue ceilings and wild orchids

key west orchids in carries garden

This is Jean, one of our organizers, in her daughter Carrie’s garden.
Carrie’s son Andre started planting exotic palms when he was 8.

key west jean in carries yard

Andre lives in my dream house, at the end of their yard, past the pool.

key west andres rooms

Today, we finished up the workshop midday, and then a group of us went on a boat over to the Westin resort on Sunset Key to have lunch at their lovely restaurant on the water.

key west sunset key westin

It was perfect weather; sunny and clear, with a cool breeze.

Kate at Sunset Key

Roosters and chickens are feral and everywhere. I can’t get enough of them.
This one was taking a standing siesta.

Key west rooster siesta

A lot of them hang out at Sandy’s Cuban Cafe.

All the roosters love Sandys

In addition to pelicans and seagulls (which I see very few of from my side of the island, apparently they stick by the fishing boats) the sky is full of wheeling hawks and turkey vultures; the Navy lookouts at the old Fort Zachary are loaded with goats.

goat lookout key west

key west navy goats

Art and colour are everywhere, things are nice and laid back. I look forward to coming back and exploring further.

key west lights in a hotel lobby Key West tub with a view

Key West antique shop with dog

I’m looking forward to checking out the restaurant Blue Heaven tomorrow, saying goodbye to the rest of the crew, and then I’m back off to Tucson tomorrow to keep getting ready for the Three Day Party.

8 thoughts on “Key West

  1. Green with envy, Kate! What wonderful gardens! I can’t imagine growing orchids and bromeliads outdoors!

  2. But the roaches live in the ground leaf litter, if you keep your yard clean of leaf refuse then there no bugs. The flying things like mosquitoes will come in matter what.

  3. These fabulous photos make me want to get back to beading, so I can go to next year’s retreat with you and Marcia!!

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