sunrise with technology

Tucson, Arizona, USA, Terra, 7 am, two views.

sunrise with plastic owl

sunrise with technology: Starwalk app on IPhone5


The Starwalk app has become so beautiful, with the visual of the horizon and the view into deep space. I like knowing that Capricorn is rising, and that Mercury and Venus are in the same pierce in space.

I am just beginning to understand the structure of what is possible when things line up. I think intuitively, we all know that getting things into a line is efficient. Some people understand the geometry of lineups very well; they are slick on the billiard table, they make astonishing art that demonstrates the power of perspective.

I leave for Key West at tomorrow morning’s sunrise; Tucson is beautiful now, and so it will be there as well.

I feel a bit like a billiard ball myself, lining up with this, and then that.

kyle cassidy private shoots

BTW the Three Day Party in Tucson is lining up in its own way to be pretty spectacular. If you want a slot with Kyle Cassidy (all of my costume closet and Barbie Coach and gorgeous models and macro studios are at your disposal) please book in now. We can accommodate only three more private appointments, and you can come on either Thursday, Feb 5, or Friday, Feb 6.