I am intensely aware of, caught in, the linear experience of time. The calendar year is ending, the solstice is approaching, Christmas is coming, it’s Liam’s last few months of high school, we are all moving away from Boston. Our trajectories for the next year or so overlap in our usual helixy sort of pattern, but we are no longer five fish in the same stream, nor perhaps will we ever be again. It’s bittersweet.

Even Bri is leaving town; her time on the old ship is up, and she’s headed to a few months of school in Virginia, and then on to her next assignment. Where that will be will depend on where she finishes in her class. Top of the class gets first pick, second in class second pick. I’ll probably be visiting her in Spain, or London…

bri elf MOS

What a sweet time it’s been.

. . .

By the way, I am happy to report that I finally penetrated the cobbler’s shop in Harvard Square. I needed to get some salt remover for my thrift store riding boots, and of course I wanted to ask about the windows.

Remember the windows?

leather shop in harvard square

The name of the place is the Felix Shoe Repair. Cash or check only. The windows were built in France, and brought over in 1895. So about the same time frame, same level of exquisite craftsmanship, as Gaudi’s Casa Batllo in Barcelona.

Batllo in the night

He liked the boots, which was nice. He tells people right away if their shoes are not worth his time (leading to some sketchy Yelp reviews) but mine passed muster, and he explained to me how to remove the salt, condition the leather, polish and seal them. It was fun.

He was very Old World, and there were lots of beautiful hand tools.

Felix shoe shop

I’ll think of him when I wear the boots.

.   .  .

On Thursday, we went to see John Waters at the Royale, the hilarious dance club with golden vinyl couches and baroque balconies. We had fun.

John Waters wouldn’t allow photos, so we had to take pictures of each other.

Kate and Bill at John Waters in Boston 2014

I feel like I am on the end of a fern frond, and it is curling up behind me as I move to the tip. I will fall off soon, and form a new trajectory.

I wish I could ride back and live this six months again.

Not to change anything, just to feel it all just one more time.

However, that isn’t how it works, and I will pay good attention to my remaining fourteen days, and dream, in background, of what may come next.

6 thoughts on “countdown

  1. Yes, so bittersweet. But Magical…you already remember it all and can call it forth again and again from your bitchin’ neural index cards. Bri looks as cute as ever!

  2. …and what a wonderful opportunity for your whole family. You won’t be the only one in your family recalling it with great fondness. You kids are no longer children and you seem to have all bonded anew as adults. Too bad more families don’t have similar experiences. Lucky all of you.

    • Isn’t it amazing, how I’m suddenly filing memories in video, on living index cards?
      I should (for so many reasons) donate my brain to science. Later, I mean.

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