I don’t know how it can be December. I fight against even the idea. Our life here evaporates into mist on December 30th. Sabbatical terms are like that; here, and then gone.

I had an appointment over at CSAIL yesterday (CSAIL is the AI lab at MIT that builds all of my favorite robots, and is housed in the Gehry building) and so I thought I’d do a bit of a shoot.

Gehry O Rama MIT, photo by Kate McKinnon

The Gehry is surreal just sitting there; it doesn’t need any filters or effects. Admittedly, however, the light was fantastic.

Robot at CSAIL, MIT, Gehry Building. photo by Kate Mckinnon

I attempted to infiltrate the roof of the Green Building (the I.M. Pei tower that houses MIT Planetary) but I was unsuccessful. However, nothing will stop me. I am bent on getting a shot of Rob van der Hilst up there, tall and magnificent against the crazed, mysterious Ball.

It’s been a strange and lovely  year.

If I could describe my feelings only using colours and lines, I suppose they would look a lot like these two photographs.

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