Brooklyn – Philly – Boston

I embarked on another whirly trip, flying from Boston to NYC, riding with Ryan down to Philly to go see the magnificent Trillian Stars in a production of Hamlet. She played Horatio, a traditionally male role. It was divine.

Some photos…


Driving out of Brooklyn, digging the Brooklyn Bridge and the mighty Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, built in 1964 and still one of the longest suspension bridges in the world.

flowers in late fall philly

Flowers (that are actually leaves and berries) in Kyle and Trillian’s hood.

Below, Kyle, Ryan and Brian walking into the beautiful Hedgerow Theater building, and below that, Kyle and Jared Reed (who played Hamlet with incredible ease and clarity) talking about filming their swordfight.

Hedgerow Theater entry

Jared Reed Kyle Cassidy Hamlet Hedgerow

Ryan and Trillian Stars and a beautiful PUPPY.

Ryan and Trill and a PUPPY

30th St Station Philly

I love every part of the 30th Street Station. Waiting for the SEPTA train to the airport, having fun with vertical panoramas.

train philly 2

On the train to the Philly airport, fall blazing away outside.

train philly

Leaving Philly

Philly skies

Stopping in New York

NYC skies

I am in love with NYC and that’s a fact.

Lastly, a digital painting of a photo that Bill took in Providence, at the Swan Point Cemetery, current lodgings of H.P. Lovecraft. WORK.

What I want to say to people sometimes.


Kate Says Work

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  1. I love NYC, although I’ve never been there. I just KNOW that it is the most amazing place on earth, and I hope that I can go there one day…
    Thank you for those beautiful pics, Kate!

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