It’s Fall

Hell, I even changed my clocks. (We don’t do that in Arizona.)

Things are very beautiful here. We moved for the third and final time, and excitingly our new place is everything we love. We are each very happy in our own ways; everyone feels confident and happy and we have loved the time we’ve spent together. It’s hard to believe that we are just eight weeks from going home now.


Views on our new street, Franklin, between Mass Ave. and the river, in Cambridge. Closer to Central Square than Harvard now, by a block.

garden on franklin

Our kitchen is very well stocked. Oddly it has a ten pound cleaver, rusty. Bri hardly needs it to board your vessel.

Bri and a cleaver    gene sterling at the goodwill

Goodwill paintings, Kirk on the move.

isnt this awesome

liam as police

Liam’s Halloween outfit, Evan and Bri petting Sir

evan and bri and sir

It can be hard to tell Sir and Jasper apart. Sir is softer, and lets you kiss his bunny tummy.petting a kitten

longfellow bridge

The trophy wall is still going strong under the grand old Longfellow Bridge, which is being replaced in situ; they are doing it half at a time. The construction crew was chatty, said that they would stay in place for another year. Bridge fixing is slow work.

trophies under the longfellow

bri on silver

There is a park on our street in memory of a boy who died as a teenager. It’s got a huge pan drum that’s also warm and soft in the sun, and in the bushes, we saw a plastic sword and a little scrap of a poem. It’s a peaceful, sad, warm  place.

we are like islands in the sea

So far I’ve been to Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania. Hoping to add to the tally in short order. I’ve seen leaves, bridges, buildings, beaches, fantastic sights.

We couldn’t be happier.

archery trophy

MIT, from the Longfellow, a little digital painting.

cambridge painting

2 thoughts on “It’s Fall

  1. Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere is fabulous when the sun is often “au rendez-vous”, my favorite season. I love to see you profiting of these priceless moments so deeply. Enjoy the “fugace” moments!

  2. So glad you are enjoying your ‘peaceful’ time! Make the most of it – autumn doesn’t last long.

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