I had delightful adventures this week, and infiltrated multiple East Coast states while having them. On Saturday, we drove to Providence, Rhode Island, for one of the Waterfire street parties. I fell in love with the little city, and especially the Brown campus. On the way in, we stopped at the Swan Point Cemetery to visit the grave of H.P Lovecraft, and then detoured to see the Big Blue Bug on 95.

Bill at Lovecrafts grave

There were poems, tokens, quarters, you name it, left at Lovecraft’s grave. Liam read us one of the scraps of prose. The boys seemed very alive amongst the dead.

boys at Lovecrafts grave

alive amongst the dead

The Big Blue Bug’s name is Nibbles Woodaway,and thanks to Bill, I got very close to him. He’s huge.

Giant Bug II

Waterfire was fun, but smoky as fuck from the many bonfires on the river. I had the most fun walking around Brown, and finding Lovecraft tucked here and there in the city. I want to go back and explore all parts of Providence. What a gorgeous little city.


The next morning, Ryan (who met us in Boston Saturday night) and I drove to Connecticut, for Cynthia von Buhler’s continuing birthday bash, which had moved from NYC to her and Russell’s place on a lake. It was beautiful, and leafy enough to satisfy anyone hungering for fall colours.

driving to conn with ryan

While we were driving, Bri was running her second marathon, this one the Marine Corps race in Arlington, VA. She amazes me. This is what she looks like after 26 miles? I would be a mess. A dead mess.


To make up for not even being able to run 2.6 miles, we were paddling paddleboats around a lake, lying in hammocks, and taking pictures of beautiful skies and trees and water and friends.

CVB Dock Connecticut cvb lake pano cvb lake vertical pano

Cynthia’s place is amazing; art everywhere. These are two lighted bird puppets from one of her theater pieces.

puppets at CBVs

And a diorama, one of many tucked in her library shelves.

CVB diorama

Late that night, Ryan and I drove back to his place in Brooklyn. I had the idea that I might see Michael Pope in the morning, and see him I did, briefly, before Ryan and I went out to play in Williamsburg.

Ryan wakes up under the train in brooklyn   jewelry shop

There was so much great food around that we had to eat twice; breakfast at Bliss, and lunch at Ryan’s favorite pizza place.

bliss with ryanpizza

In between meals, we walked down to the East River.Wburg beach

There was a great playground; bouncy things, bridges, swings.

Kate swings E River


And amazing street art everywhere, of course.


street portrait NYC NYC 1

snail in brooklyn

A fab cheese shop.

Bedford cheese shop

On the way to LaGuardia to hop home to Boston, I caught a billboard in the act. The act of what, I’m not sure. But definitely, doing something.

Caught the billboard broadcasting

This week should prove equally adventurous, as we are moving Cambridge apartments (the last move before we go home in late December), Kyle Cassidy is coming to town to photograph the Dalai Lama (among other things) and I’m heading to Philly at some point to see Trillian Stars play the part of Horatio (!) in Hedgerow Theater’s production of Hamlet.

And then Ryan comes back, and lots more people come into town, because it’s Neil Gaiman’s birthday on the 10th of November, and it’s Amanda Palmer’s official book release, and there’s a huge party in Porter Square.

kate and ryan at cvbs

I love it here, and that’s a fact, It’s hard to imagine leaving.

gorgeous NYC

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  1. This is FABULOUS & I am jealous bcuz all my relatives are still living up east! I hope to travel there sometime in the near future.

  2. I love reading about all your adventures, it has been too long since I actually took part in one! xo

  3. What great adventures! I may see you sooner than you coulda thunk…like next month if our paths cross in New England. The fun begins again….

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