USS Constitution Underway, October 17, 2014

Here are photos from our fabulous day aboard the USS Constitution, on her final Underway out of the Boston Harbor before a three-year drydock, in which her masts will be replaced, her hull inspected, and a variety of replacements and repairs are made. She will, in a way, be a different ship, and so this last small voyage was very sentimental for her crew, and for everyone who loves her.

Our daughter Bri serves aboard; her position during Underways is at the fore fighting top, 50 feet above deck. Here she is in climbing harness, ready to go up the fore mast, with Bill and her brothers in the background.

Sailor Bri in harness

The fire boat accompanied the ship, as always, and it was a sunny sparkling day. Rainbows followed the little boat, to our delight.

Rainbows off of the Fire Boat

Special guests on board included the usual contingent of retired and active duty military guests and volunteers (lots of different uniforms and medals, hats and epaulets, muskets, scarves, tufts and feathers) and this time the Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick was on board, along with the Boston band The Dropkick Murphys. Here is the band performing on deck, on our way back to Boston.

Dropkick Murphys on Deck

It was fun to watch Bri and the other sailors climb up to the tops, up to the triple trees, having fun. Of course I wanted to run right up the ropes, but it’s against the rules.

Bri on the Fore Top Oct 17

It was a sparkling day, just perfect. I hope you enjoy the photo gallery.

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  1. Wonderful, scintillating day. Beautiful Bri, beautiful photos. Love them all. Fascinated by the one with the hats and the clouds, how the light on each is behaving the same way.

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