a magical last taste of summer

Today, because I could, and because it was magically a summer day again, I walked from our house in Cambridge (up by Harvard) down into Boston. It isn’t far; a mile or two at most, but it’s the furthest I’ve walked in a month.

I went past MIT, over the bridge, up to the Post Office. It was lovely to just take off, and not worry about being fragile.

I took lots of pictures.

cambridge river
Cambridge Indian Summer

The two panos are actually pretty different; it suddenly occurred to me after the top one that I could do my panorama from bottom to top, instead of side to side, and get a lot of sky in the shot. I’m not sure why that has never occurred to me before. It’s a nice way to go, because there is little to no horizontal deformation.

I’m not sure if people do this. They must.

Our neighborhood in Cambridge is stuffed with FLOWERS.

Everything really does look like thisflower and bee boston OMG ZINNIAS

It was fall everywhere, even on turrets.

Fall vines on a turret

And I found a Van Gogh canvas I had never seen. It’s hanging in the Other Cambridge.


This Friday we go out on the Constitution; my first time. All of our first times! Bri got spaces for all four of us. It’s the ship’s final underway before a major dry dock, and being on this small journey is a huge honour. Bri will be in her place on the fore fighting top, aloft for the entire jaunt. The sails are off the ship, but the tops are still on the masts.

I might just faint of happiness, of pride in my daughter, of the joy of us all being together in a place that is not St. Louis. This is a gentle time, time out of time, a gift.


photo, US Navy

I hope Miss Fish can feel me loving her from here. I won’t see her for a month, at the current plan. My roommate in Tucson, Jay, sends me pictures, he keeps her and Simon happy. But oh, how I long to snuggle her.

Zogged Fish

3 thoughts on “a magical last taste of summer

  1. Don’t over do it! I know it’s hard to keep you down, but it’s called healing! Enjoy the beautiful sites and on your sail, “may the wind always be at your back”. Please tell Bri ” thank you for your service” and your family as well for such an amazing young woman.
    Be well and take it easy! That ship can be very precarious for your knee. I’m up to 9 bruises and I didn’t get close to such a beauty!

  2. it’s all love. Love for family and friends, for animals, for nature – our natural spaceship-, and I love to read you because of your awareness of it all.

  3. You inspire me to go on more adventures and to breathe in all the beauty and wonder we live with each day!
    Thank you!

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