It’s been beautiful here.  I’m getting used to the sugar line of the Cambridge strip, being one of the ants running up and down Mass Ave., into and out of Harvard Square, Central Square.

cambridge hat shop

We are all happy; for whatever reason, we just settled in and everything seems normal. The boys love Cambridge High, Jasper is mellow, even Wyatt, left behind at home, is happy, we think, with visitors four times a week, and a weak sense of time.

I’ve been getting back into walking; not quite riding trains yet (too much bracing and bumping) but I can walk a mile again without thinking. As usual I have sworn to never forget to be grateful for my mobility, my strength, my stamina.

Today I walked down from Harvard into Central Square, and was relaxed enough to meet people on the street again, to make people happy. It’s been a few weeks of being careful; I find that to really see people any focus on my own self is counter-productive.

glorious man

This glorious man was on his way to ask a woman something; one could guess, but not know for sure.  I hope it went well for him.

Mikes Monster Records

Humorously, Mike’s Monster Guitar really had monsters in the window. That’s a nice Godzilla on the right, from Japan, if my eyes do not deceive me. I like all three of them, actually.

Mikes Monsters

And Bill and I were just saying yesterday, “why aren’t there more CATS in shops?” So I found one.

shop cat

This guy cracked me up; he had a trombone in two pieces in his backpack, just sticking out.

Trombone backpack

And happily, no shortage of RECORD STORES, a hallmark of civilisation.


I’m working every day on my email, my digital cleanup, making errors right, getting ready for the next things. It’s been lovely to not be working all hours, but only some hours.

Beyond lovely, actually. Bliss. I’m taking things slow, winding up my energy. I feel a whirl coming on.

Next week, the excitement of the final “sail” of the USS Constitution before she goes into drydock; the sails are actually off the ship and it will be tug-drawn, but still; out of the harbour, out to Castle Island, back into the Navy Yard. I can’t wait!

I’ve seen it from shore, now we will see it from the deck. The boys are excited and that’s a fact.

6 thoughts on “Cambridge

  1. It sounds like ALL has come together perfectly! I’m so glad you are taking a breather & all is well–shipping, cats, fam, knee etc (not necessarily in that order). Hugs& love back at cha :))

    • Yes you would! And you would wear them well. It’s the BEST hat shop ever… they have every sort of Hat Thing you could imagine, hat boxes, hat feathers, hat bands, hat tools, hat needles… I feel like any hat I could dream up could be made or modified in that excellent shop. It’s mostly a men’s hat shop but still, very exciting.

  2. Your ‘boys’ are lucky to have you back! I feel lucky to have you too – with your great posts – so keep being the beacon – we are we’re very own knights in shining armor.

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