Back in Boston

After a crazed month in Tucson and Dallas, I’m back in Boston through Christmas with the family. I’m going home once to Tucson to kiss Miss Fish, in November.

Landing at Logan

More has happened in the past month than I could tell. Mostly because I have forgotten it; life rockets along, and what is not caught in the basket often flows through me, and is lost in the swirl.

Since I wrote last, I led a weekend workshop in Dallas, had a knee surgery, supervised the shipping of thousands of books to thousands of places, flew to Boston to meet up with friends for a party, flew to Philly to see a Ferry show. Excitingly, in Philly, I got to see Kyle Cassidy and Trillian Stars.

Ryan, Doriot, Trillian and I went to the show together, but Kyle joined us for an early drinking session at the White Dog.

White Dog

and an early dinner at Pod, which I had seen photos of, but had never been to. Diners can control their lighting with panels on the wall.

photo by Kyle Cassidy

We dressed up for the show; I went as a long column of black. We had a fantastic time, as did Ferry.

Kate McKinnon by Doriot Lair
photo by Doriot Lair

In the Philly airport, going home, we saw a magnificent installation by Delainey Barclay, and I took a magnificent photo of Doriot in front of it. I’ve always found the Philly airport a bit grotty, but the Jet Blue zone was really nice.

Doriot in the Philly airport with Delainey Barclay

The shapes reminded me of the forms we are exploring in beadwork.

Delainey Barclay

We went to the Brattle Theater last night to see A Hard Day’s Night; on the wall outside was a tag I’ve been seeing around here and there. Not just in Boston. Bri, is that you?



There are wild turkeys wandering the streets of Cambridge. And at least one peacock, male. Evan said that he saw them walking down the street together.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 11.08.33 PM

Today, for Doriot’s last real day in Boston (on this trip, that is) we went up in the Prudential building, because Bill had never done it. The reflection in the Hancock did the usual thrilling blend with the skyline.

Up In The Pru Two

I’ve been spending my free moments in the past week catching up on shipping questions, problems, etc. It’s been a mix of love letters and tiny fuckups; nothing serious, though, and the book is getting rave reviews.

I’m just going to keep moving forward; there is plenty to do and I am pleased to do it.

Right now, though, I’m mostly just breathing. And thinking.

5 thoughts on “Back in Boston

  1. Oh, wow! What kind of knee surgery?
    Took your poster to my friend’s art gallery, for those of you in the North Shore area of Chicago, the Art Post Gallery. Christina, owner, trained in archive restoration, framed with a tiny bit of beaded trim, enough room left as not to cover your name, Kate.
    Will send a picture when completed!
    Hope your surgery was successful!

    Boston Strong!

    • Just a tiny one, Marianne; I tore a little piece off of my right knee and an utterly magnificent Knee Man slipped in with a camera and a little clippy snake and fished it out. I’ll be puppy again soon, but for a few weeks, careful. It turned out to be a great experience for several reasons; meeting my doc was excellent, and finding out (via the pre-surgery MRI) that my structure was strong was a gift. I tend to ache in the winter, and worried in background that maybe my joints were going to be a problem. To find out that I’ve just torn things up a bit swinging off of various chandeliers is kind of wonderful news.

      He suggested I take up kickboxing. Why not?

  2. What a great thing that wild turkeys feel welcome / are welcomed in a city! There must be really something special about this place. Have a good time in MA, Kate.

  3. The Upper Midwest Bead Society (MN) celebrated its 25th year with a great luncheon and bead bead bead talk, and words from Diane Fitzgerald, our founding Mum. A copy of Vol I had arrived in our library and was greatly appreciated. I may make some kind of protective framing system to allow your small poster to adorn the back of my leather jacket. What could be more beautiful? Thanks for so very much.

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