different kinds of work

I am Squirrelbasing, neatening in my giant database. Running around, checking things, resolving questions. Digital herding. I am making space on my table and in my head for lists, sorting data into sets to see what/who/where/when.

I’m also making physical space for a lot of cartons of books, emailing and calling people, making sure everything is arriving on time. Incredible outflows of time management and money have replaced incredible outflows of writing and editing. Soon, in just two weeks, I reach the plateau of fulfillment; I will perhaps have arrived in the ephemeral, evaporative space in which I can die a hero, as opposed to a villain.

Dali, Apparition of the Visage of Aphrodite


I am dreaming of an unknown future, thinking of who, what.

Not wanting to leave anyone or anything out.