It’s whirlier

My experience of Boston is definitely whirlier, more crowded than in the lazy, bohemian days of July, when I had the city practically to myself, and I would walk the streets alone,  late at night, in beautiful gowns, puzzling the locals.

People say, “where are you from?”

boston boston

The weather has continued to be beautiful; a few hot days earlier this week, back to cool and lovely today.

distorted feelings

The boys and I are sunburned and tired but happy; we ended up staying out all day today, watching the U.S.S. Constitution go out (from the Navy Yard) and sail back in (we were on Fish Pier for that).

It was the first time I had raced a battleship in a taxi.

Constitution sailing

Above, the view from the pier, with the ship under sail. Bri is in her usual spot now, fore fighting top. The two photos below were taken by a Navy photographer from the deck of the ship, and posted on the Constitution’s Facebook page.

fighting top

Sea Cheese

From the ground at the Navy Yard, the people who were around us watching the ship go out were all exclaiming over the beauty of the day, of the ship, and commenting with delight on the top captains, up in the rigging. People were saying, “Look at that tall, strong girl on the fore top!”

When she waved down at us, and the boys waved back, they said, “Is that your SISTER?”

The photo below was on their way out of the harbor; Bri is pretty high up in the rigging above the foresail; you can see her climbing.

Bri Of The High Seas 3

This was the ship’s last sail until she comes out of dry dock in 2018. When we go out in October, the sails will be off.

Bill comes home from Italy this weekend, and we move to Cambridge on Sunday.

The lads and I got their school schedules finalized on Thursday. They each got exactly what they had hoped for, and we all loved the high school (Cambridge Rindge and Latin). It’s practically on the Harvard campus; sandwiched in between the cluster of museums and the main Cambridge Library. The kids and the teachers are friendly, open, intelligent, everyone seems free to be who they are. I really like that. Liam’s guidance counselor is fantastic. I’m sure that they are going to be in a good place this fall. I’m glad it’s all set.

I’m psyched to see Miss Fish next weekend, and spend a few weeks in Tucson, swimming, working, shipping books.

Happy. Tired. Sunburned.

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  1. “It was the first time I had raced a battleship in a taxi.” Did you feel like you were in a spaceship?

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