long week

There were too many hours of work in this week. But it all got done.

I can’t think how, as each day brought some sort of strange unnecessary business that ate pieces of time like they were almonds in a party dish. I had to replace every hijacked moment out of my own raw materials. Like when a baby is short of calcium; it simply steals it from its mother’s bones.

Miss Fish and a Bunny

I am badly missing Miss Fishing, and looking forward to going home for a bit in three weeks, to rustle up some peace and some love and some soft sweet cat cuddles. It’s been a pretty long time now since I’ve had a simple moment with a simple creature who simply loved me.

Everything else is complicated. My cat is not complicated.

2 thoughts on “long week

  1. Just this week while cuddling my cat I told him “I love you so”! I thrive on those simple moments with simple creatures that simply love me–Thank you for wording it so well! Soon, I think/hope, you will get a well-deserved rest.

  2. Take meeeeeeeeeeeeee…….
    Tucson is so relaxing isn’t it? There is just something so peaceful about it. Most people I talk to about it just don’t get it. They always say “oh but it is so hot there”…..
    I always know where to come for my Tucson “love fix”……

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