Yesterday I stopped fiddling with the press PDFs around dinnertime, and met Bri downtown for pho.
boston is paramount

I walked around Chinatown for a while. There was a place where one building had simply been ripped off of another.

Some of the bricks that once connected them were wrenched out, leaving (in the left chimney ghost) a raw opening into the masonry. Other connecting elements were left jutting out, any holes opening into the other form, before it crumpled.

China KingAnd now, the world gets the China King, and a brickstain.

I am unconvinced by Chinatown. It seems like a stage set.slices of Boston

One of the things I love best about tall buildings is the way that they play into the sky. Always, there are reflected blues, often, actual reflections in windows or mirror finishes. I can never stop staring at buildings, I walk around blocks, looking at them this way and that, through this slice or that one.

Bill and the boys and the cats are all piling into the car this weekend and driving to Boston. I worry, of course, all of those beloved creatures in one hurtling basket, but there it is. We are having adventures; there is risk. Best not to think about it.

Admiral Upskirt, Bri’s cat, is definitely thinking about it, because (in the way of cats) he psychically knows that something is up; in fact he is 100% correct. He will have to host Jasper and Wyatt until we move to Cambridge on the 1st, as the South End flat is not cat-positive. I’m hoping they all distract each other from the disruption; after all, the Admiral is just a cute little kitten, and our cats are friendly and playful.

“What could go wrong?”, we say, laughing.