Finally, the time is here, the new books are finishing. I would say “I am finishing them” which is also true, but it’s been a communal process; the work itself is as much a factor as the Edit Team; I am one of many minds and hands.

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The last of the paper pages for CGB Volume I are getting wrangled today, and the big sparkly proof sheets from the press come tomorrow for Volume II. Today, in addition to setting the new photo gallery in place of the now-so-wrong “Coming In Volume II” section, I’m fixing a couple of small typos from the first book, making new press PDFs for those pages. Of course errors are like beetles; one never sees all that there are to see. We’ve done our best, this we can say with great conviction. Total conviction.

I’ve put the Volume I job off until literally the very last moment, for so many reasons. Recently, some random troll from the Internet sent me a message about how changing even a frame of the first book is something decent people never do; that I was cheating her, stealing from her, by changing pages. She can pee straight up a rope, of course; second editions happen to almost every successful book, and many of them contain (steel yourself for this, Lois) new content.

Books are issued in second editions out of love, out of spite, to add new insights, to correct errors, to try to sound smarter, to rewrite history, to remove dedications to lovers now unloved. Sometimes entirely new front sections are added, as with my cherished copy of Strunk & White, which features an introduction by E.B. White added entirely after Strunk had passed away. The nerve!

So: this is it. Last day(s). It feels lovely.

I’m having a little Robin Williams movie party, while I work, joining in the wave of love welling out for him from humans on Terra today. It’s a sweet feeling,

I’m glad we never made him guess how much we loved him.

We were just right out there with it.


12 thoughts on “Finally

  1. Seems to me that crabby person must not read much… first editions are just that. First of whatever number. And why is she complaining? Some far off day her benighted First Edition may be a valuable FIRST EDITION!!!

      • HOO HA!!! And crabby people may never know…

        Off to the UK in a couple of days and when I get back— a CGB explosion for me! I am blessed.

        THANK YOU. I already treasure my Vol 1; Vol 2 will join it along with Vol 1 in its second iteration.

  2. I am all for the “revised”edition of volume one! In fact, I have ordered both “new” books and gifted my old copy of volume one to a blossoming new beader in anticipation! (“pee up a rope”…giggle, snerk)

  3. Yes we were very open in our Love for Robin W., that pleases me too!
    And I’m right there with you regarding your response to Lois!

  4. Wow…rude people never cease to amaze me. Now that I am getting older, I am starting to call people out on their behavior, but I love that you think that the troll (cough…someone named LOIS) can go pee up a rope.

  5. It’s still not awesome to get ugly mail, but yeah, the older I get, the more I’m like, “everyone’s a critic.” And I’m just going to keep doing what I think is the best thing I can be doing, and they can watch or look away as they see fit.

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