a beautiful mix of work and walk

I had so much fun today.

I’m caught up on sleep, caught up with the press, nowhere near caught up with anything else, but being sure to take breaks. This morning, I got up and worked, walked down to get my mail (my PO Box is down by Berklee), came back and worked, walked out to the train, rode to Downtown Crossing, tried out the Bahn Mi at Sa Pa (I read about it in a magazine article someone sent me). It was mindbendingly good.

Chili mint limeade!

chili mint limeade SA PA DTX

After that, I caught the train to Haymarket, checked out the farmer’s market (very nice, very European) and walked up Hanover to Stanza dei Sigari, the amazing cigar salon in the North End with a giant hoard of wooden cigar boxes. They will give them to you for free, if you show up and ask.

I made it back on the train and the bus with four nice bags of them, and then worked and worked and worked some more.

Around 9 pm, I walked out again, this time toward the Prudential Building, to have a 56th floor cocktail. However, I got derailed by Giacomo’s on Columbus, and fell prey to an amazing plate of mussels and scallops over linguini, in Fra Diavolo sauce. Giacomos is an experience; loud, affordable, with long waits. By around 10 pm, though, you can walk right in.

I love late night cities. And Italian food.

I ate, and sketched the metal things I want to make.

Giacomos South End

After that, more walking. I’m slowly exploring every street in every zone in every place around Boston. I’m crawling all over it, diving down alleys, riding up elevators.

And likely eating too much food.

Monday, our big mailing goes out to bead stores, and Tuesday, the press proofs arrive for both books.

Boston night 2 boston night 3 Boston Night

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  1. On Tuesdays and Fridays there is a wonderful farmers market a little closer to home next to the Trinity Church in Copley Square.

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