beautiful light

Downtown from North End

It was just another exquisite day in Boston.

The air was fresh and cool, the light was gorgeous from beginning to end. I went out to the North End to get lunch and pick up a few things at an Italian deli. The view was fantastic.

Later, when I walked over to Kinkos/FedEx to pick up the press quotes to sign, the sun was setting on the brownstones on our street.

Boston sunset 2

The small, high turrets are few and far between. In the shot below, the sun was just right to illuminate one of them.

Chester Square sunset

My work day was all about administrative stuff…databases good, bad and huge, shipping stuff, press stuff, Volume I PDFs, answering mail, filing email, dealing with Where Is My Whats, working on the promo packages for the bead stores, making lists, and a List of Lists. Buying airline tickets I can only guess at, to be in Tucson at the right time to ship…fingers crossed.

Trying not to forget anything/anyone/any deadlines.

2 thoughts on “beautiful light

  1. Thank You Kate for doing all you do, I appreciate it. The administrative “stuff” is necessary but very boring (at least to me)! I’m very much looking forward to the book and to seeing your metal work thrills me, perhaps I can even buy :))))) FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

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