a week of work

I’ve had a busy week. Doriot was back through Boston (and even Kellner looped back for a final hurrah), Bill has arrived for a visit, and the book uploaded to the press. I’m in Press Edits for another week or so, checking for errors, and I’m trying to figure out the other end, when they will arrive, how long it will take me to ship, etc. How to make it all work. The usual. This is a difficult one, though, as CGB is vastly over budget in time and money; it’s definitely the most intensive and ambitious press run I’ve ever staged.

When I get back to Tucson for a bit in September, I’ll be making a whole series of metal chains and settings and glorious earrings, because it’s the simplest and most beautiful way I know of to raise money for a project. Hammer and tongs, such real work, employed to pay for the more ephemeral work of the mind and heart.

kate lying in chapel, photo by Ryan Anas

I find myself once again, after this long stretch of responsibility to others, dreaming only and exclusively of not being responsible to others. And like all dreams, it seems… uncatchable.

photo by Ryan Anas

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  1. Oh Kate, Thank You so much for all of your hard work,,,and will you be selling your earrings here?

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