whirly deadlines

The book submission is almost finished. Just one more week. It’s hard to comprehend. Tonight, I said to Bill on the phone, “I’m tired of my book!” and he said, “That’s excellent, that means the timing is perfect to let it go.”

sunflower boston

It was another sunny, cool, breezy summer day. The weather has been perfect.

bee and coneflower Doriot on the Street

I walked around this morning with Doriot, buying exquisite little frocks at a thrift store on Newbury, going for French lunch, walking out with Evan in the evening.

great location

I’m more in love with this place every day. What will it BE like to wake up in a morning and not have edits?

The pages are really sparkling.

4 thoughts on “whirly deadlines

  1. A thrift store on Newbury? I’m surprised. Do you remember its name? Thanks for the tip on catching the view from the Prudential building from the restaurant (instead of paying for just the view). Looking forward to all your observations about Boston. Thanks.

  2. There are a variety of swank thrift shops on Newbury; the great Second Time Around (which I first found in Cambridge) is a consignment shop that has three locations on Newbury alone, each one stuffed with one of a kind things.

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