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I’m fully engaged in press submission right now- preflighting, cycling reading copies (just a few at a time, so that I can integrate comments and suggestions I like before passing the mansucript to the next reader) and checking images. I have well over a thousand images, most of which I’ve photographed myself, and almost 600 pages of text between the two books and the extras I’m doing with them. It’s pretty intense.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 10.58.37 PM

I love the work, though, and I’m really happy with the way things are going. I have just over a week left before they slam the press doors shut on me; I will use the time as well as I know how.

And I’m not forgetting to take breaks. Each day I have an adventure. Yesterday, I walked almost the entire stretch of the South Side beaches. Many many miles. I swam in the cool water, I lay on the sand, marveled at the lack of other humans, at how useless the #10 bus is, at how lovely the huge sky is here (who knew that huge sky was available in a major East Coast City?) and then walked from downtown to meet Evan for a little French supper on the street in the South End. Boston is the most walkable city imaginable; everything is in about a three-mile circle, and most of it has great train and bus coverage. I love it more here every day.

Boston You Confuse Me

The day before that, Ryan, Kellner, Evan and I went to the Museum of Fine Art, on Huntington. I loathed the building (a pretentious pile, taking up massive amounts of space, with lots of dead ends and rooms within rooms, easy to miss) but I loved the art. I saw a Van Gogh that I didn’t even know existed, I saw a Turner that shattered my senses with light. I saw a Calder mobile, a Cezanne that stopped me for ten minutes, a Manet that delighted me to the core; the first painting of one of his long-term models.


We also went over to the Cloud Club so Kellner could see it. Construction was in full swing; the place was magnificent, musty, in chaos. Michael Pope was in town. Pope is always a highlight for me; add him to whatever and I like it better.

Pope Explains It All

Above, Michael. Below, Ryan and Kellner, in the garden.

Ryan and Kellner at Cloud Club

Brad, a new Cloud Club resident, arrived with mad electrical skilz and they are rewiring the old place, much to Lee’s joy. I think everyone with old houses worries about their old wiring catching fire. I know we think about it in St. Louis, where our antique English cottage is insulated with newspaper and straw. It’s a challenge to replace wiring buried in walls, but a worthy one.

Cloud Club Improvements

Today must announce itself with intention; for the first part of it, I work.


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  1. Interesting take on the MFA. It was much nicer before the gazillion dollar renovation. Just a lovely older museum and yes, lots of nooks and crannies to get lost in and also to be quiet in. The new addition is pretentious, I agree. It also now costs an arm and a leg to get in there in order to pay for the thing. It has been disney-fied like many other art museums. You should see what they did to the Clark out in Williamstown.

    If you get a chance to go out to the western part of the state (the part that is NOT walkable) go to Mass Moca. That is my favorite museum by far. There is a show there of Anselm Kiefer that will knock your socks off. The museum is in an old electric factory/mill and the rooms are huge and fabulous!

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