love and buildings

Boston I Love You

Yesterday was full of love and fine sights. We penetrated our second skyscraper, shooting in an elevator to the 52nd floor of the most excellent Prudential Building for lunch.

There is a Skywalk all around the top, and for a fee of $16 a person can walk around on it. However, there is also an elegant restaurant, one floor higher, with gorgeous views on all sides and lunch entrees starting at $13. Ryan, Doriot and Evan and I made the intelligent choice.

The Pru rooftop

Up on the Pru

Doriot and Ryan

Amusingly, as ever, wherever I look I see the Tower Of Power, dominating the Boston landscape, bristling with excellence. It’s front and center in the bottom photo, which was the view from our table.

Tower Of Power Once Again

It also pops up most unexpectedly. Below, walking on Newbury St.

Tower of Power Peeking Out

Kellner Cuts A Dash

Doriot and Kate  Kate Doriot Ryan Pru

Ryan took some beautiful shots yesterday. This was one walking up to the wild Gehry building at MIT.

Ryans shot at Gehry Jul 2014

I’m so excited to see Bill in just a week. It seems as if I’ve been here with him many times, but of course we’ve never been here together. It will be sweet to fold into his arms after so long away, so much work under the bridge, away in the river, since we last kissed.

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  1. Great photos, Kate! They bring back memories of my time in Boston. Newbury Street was one of my favorite haunts…great restaurants and boutiques! I remember standing on a corner at a busy intersection on Newbury when my Roberta Williamson necklace, which was strung on tigertail, gave way…dashing in and out of traffic as I retrieved the one-of-a-kind beads and components was quite the adventure!

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