excitement abounds

I’ve taken a nice slice out of time (while I’m cycling reading copies of the finished book through small circles of Edit) to explore more of Boston. Ryan, Doriot and Kellner are all in town, and we’re relaxing and plundering and it’s a beautiful time.

Doriot and Kellner on deck
Doriot and Kellner

Last night we went up to the Brattle Theater in Harvard Square and saw Jim Jarmusch’s last film, a vampire epic with Tilda Swinton. It was beautiful, and the perfect antidote to the greasy little glitterslick that recent teen vampires left on the ground.

Even the way Tilda walks in the film is perfect; kind of like a machine that you can tell is going to warm up into a graceful cat of a woman. It was just… exquisite.

Today… a pilgrimage to buildings. The two Saarinen works at MIT, the Gehry, and either the Mapparium or the Gardner, or both. Why not.

Tower Of Power II

The weather continues perfect; the days are soft and bright,  the nights cool and breezy. I love it that I can see the MIT Dome from Harvard, and the Tower of Power from almost anywhere in town.



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