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I haven’t been out and about as much as I should have this past week, as I’ve been tied to the final read-through of the book I’m submitting. It’s a wild ride. We are still finding small errors, which means small errors will escape me and go to press (this is hard to take but true) but on the whole the thing is huge and beautiful and a giant accomplishment. I feel proud and tired.

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Last night I tried to go to the beach, and didn’t find the secret tucked away bus stop(s) for the #10 until it was really too late to get there before sunset. But I had a nice walk, and found new close-by stuff, and Evan (who took a chance and came with me) was a good sport about it.

Many things I try to do actually do not work out the first time I try them, a fact which seems unsurprising to me. One must try from all directions if one is serious about a thing. Sometimes I try too hard, which is almost as counterproductive as not trying hard enough.

I need to learn to beat that one.

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Doriot and Ryan and Kellner come in to play starting tonight, and about in that order. It’s going to be fun. I’ve done a lot of good scouting and saved some good first experiences for them. I want to go to the top of a tall building (I understand the Prudential tower has an obs deck) and to the newly redone contemporary art museum, I want to go everywhere and do everything.

Ryan wants to take us over to Providence, we want to see the beautiful Constitution again, the new thrills at the Cloud Club, all of that. Kyle and Trillian are invited; we are starting regular weekend dinner parties, like the old Friday Night Dinners Dave Grinspoon used to have in Denver.

Invitations are issued across the land! Finery is being rustled up from thrift shops; the Boston Costume Closet is already quivering with great stuff.

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  1. Never fear; that book is going to be epically magnificent and the flaws will be so minimal. You should be proud; and exhausted! Have fun.

    • I am all of those things! It’s the best I’ve ever felt submitting anything. Thanks as ever for your support and your confidence in me to pull off another massive project. Laughing!

  2. I am just catching up with your adventures here since I was away for a couple of weeks. As far as beaches go there are a couple of beaches you can get to without a car. You can take the commuter rail to Manchester-by-the-Sea. The train stops right near the beach. My daughter used to go there all the time before she had a car. Just take the subway to North Station and catch the train there.

    Also, and this is my favorite thing, you can take the ferry down to Provincetown and avoid all the nasty cape traffic. I am not sure how you would get to Race Point once you are in P-Town but perhaps there is a shuttle or something. There has to be I would think. Race Point is not to be missed……(that is the tip of the cape, as far as you can go).

    There are also ferries that leave often for the Boston Harbor Islands. Here is the website:
    Spectacle Island is interesting since it was a dump until the Big Dig made it a lovely green space with a small beach and walking trails.

    Glad you are enjoying! Feel free to call or e-mail me if you need more info!

    • Oh, I have been to almost all of the Boston beaches with no car! I’ll start exploring further afield as soon as the books are off the press and shipped. Til then, I’m an indentured servant to them.

      I would have loved to see the museum before they Megalithed it. And yes, way too expensive for single entry. Do they have any free days, so people who can’t afford their price can get in and see art?

      I figured we should just get a family membership that covered all of the biggies while we were here, so I went for it. Least I can do for all of the joy the city has given me already.

  3. I think they used to have a free day on Wednesdays. Not too sure if they still do. Ever since Malcom Rogers took over it has been all about the money. Whenever I see a museum go nuts as the MFA has, I say that the museum has been “Malcom-ized”. I have been a member for years and every year the price seems to go up exponentially! But I keep it going since I can walk over there from my condo and it is still cheaper than the entry price.

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