orange line

Orange Line

It’s crazy how empty Boston is in the summer. Well, I say that like I know. I don’t know. But I see incredible beaches, huge beaches, with ten people on them. Platforms in useful, central train stations with ten people waiting. The trains and buses are full enough, but the wide spaces are wide open.

Also, how amusing that of the ten people waiting for the Orange Line last night, six of us were wearing orange.

Orange at the Orange Line

Although you can only see a hint of the girl in this photo (I didn’t have her permission to photograph her) you perhaps get the great ’60s vibe- orange minidress, big avocado green bag, big round ‘fro. I am seeing a lot of big ’60s hair here on all fronts, often happily combined with hot colour and vintage flair. It’s excellent, I’ve been hoping for this for a long time. Especially from women of colour; I’ve been selfishly hoping ‘fros would be fashion-forward again because I love them.

People are very beautiful here, at every level and in every variant of society, such beauty. I asked Evan, because I don’t know what he sees, “Do you notice?”

He never seems to stare at anyone; unlike me, he would never turn completely around to watch someone walk away, or tell them on the street that they are gorgeous, glorious, he does not wolf whistle at flash muscle cars or say hey to the boys and girls on the stoops, in the shops. He is warm and friendly, but plays it cool on the street, minding his own business. He does not chat people up, but his face is open.

He said, “Yep, I’ve noticed that it goes along with big cities, but I’m not sure I know why.” I mumbled something about urban life being more demanding, asking more, and generally attracting people who were willing to try harder in general, but it was only half of an answer. I don’t really know why either. I thought I did, but as I roll it around in my mind, I find that every time I follow a thought-thread down to the root it isn’t attached.

I say, “Like attracts like, and beautiful cities are full of beautiful people…” but I know it’s more complicated that that.

“Is it hard to make arrangements with yourself?”

I’m working now on finishing the details of Volume II. Today I start laying in all of my page references, which is a scary thing because for every section I do that for, the pages become fixed. Nothing can move from the page it is on from here on out. It feels good, though, it feels just right.

I’m looking forward to moving through this coming next week, because it is inevitable that things that have been in the works for a long time are going to wrap up. Not just my book, other things too. Many long-term things are coming to a natural end, many new ideas and timelines are flowering in our minds and hearts. It’s exciting, but it’s also painful, and Bill and I each feel it.

If we just keep breathing, and working, though, we know that soon we will be holding hands, walking together in Boston, and our whole little family can be together for a soft moment in time.

I love Boston so much.

Cate Jones got a great page number for her Raven, 111.

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