Time. I need more of it.

And it isn’t something I can create. So I have to get slashy. Time moves very fast here in Boston, and there are no cats near me to help me slow it down. All I can do is ride the ride. And eat the food.

Evan and I found Cardullos yesterday; I walked by it on the way to the Harvard Square T station, and was instantly diverted. We reeled out with two bags full of amazing deli items, handmade pasta, amaretto honey… I told Evan he’s likely to be getting texts from me, asking him to pick up something yummy on his way home.

Evan Sweet


Their high school is almost on the Harvard campus. That should be interesting.

Everything is interesting!

I got word from one of my embedded agents in Collinsville, Illinois yesterday that the Giant Catsup Bottle is for sale. The whole property (the old Brooks factory) is for sale. The Catsup Bottle is at risk of being turned into a beer bottle. It’s hard to know what to think. I have people on the case, of course, and will report developments.

Here are some touching Catsup Bottle moments from recent history. Below, after teaching at the excellent bead and fiber shop The Bead Place last year.



Bill, receiving his cherished tree ornament in a Cat in the Hat tie.