exhausting / thrilling

What a ride.

BubblesThe stupendous Bubbles Car Wash, South Boston.

The exhausting part of my yesterday and today was essentially meaningless- too many people adding too much noise to my system, and not giving enough back. My many and varied correspondents sucked up goatloads of my time, asking, demanding, and sending me an astonishing and discouraging 500 emails and texts over the course of the weekend.

The thrilling part was, of course, everything else. And there is so much everything else.

Having time with Evan (without the chaos of the whole family added in) is an ocean of happiness for me, a sea with no edges; he’s so calm but also so full of life and questions and just learning to be independent. It’s been fun for him to have Ryan around this weekend. Fun for me too.

Evan and Ryan

I love Boston so oddly hard. I want to learn every part of it, I want to live in three places in six months, I want to know every bridge, every beach, every library, every concert hall.

I was surprised as could be to see what South Boston is actually like. It’s so close, but so completely unexpected. It’s like the Cape. Ocean, bays, parks, canoes, kayaks, bikinis. One of the MIT profs I’ve been talking to lives in South Boston.

The water is incredible- two protected bays, and Castle Island- nice and swimmy, with a gradual slope and the friendly sort of sand, the kind that brushes off when you want it to.

with ryan at the beachStanding knee-deep in the glittery water, I am only about two miles from the heart of the Financial District, and less than three miles from MIT. It’s so trippy- such short distances, and yet people here make such heavy weather about them. From downtown, I feel like I can be anywhere in no time at all.

Of course, in a car, it take an hour to go three miles here. It’s not a great city to drive in.

Today, I looked at an amazing place in South Boston, and online at places in Cambridge (which has zones that are even further from MIT than Back Bay, the South End, or South Boston) and places in Boston. So far I haven’t considered outlying burbs, because that’s not why I’m here. I want to be in the beating heart of the city. I’m so weary of burbs and everything that goes with them.

10408981_581001768686704_4191537576563152701_nOf course, life is long, and I will be in charge of myself in no time at all, with no bunnies to fledge, and I can do as I please, and live wherever I like.

Trying to do what’s best for everyone is always a bit of a challenge. A welcome one, and God knows I try, but a challenge nonetheless.

South Boston What

Above, Evan and Ryan across the street from the place we went to scope out, a block from the ocean, and below, the two bays- one a block away, one two blocks, with sandy beach running the whole length. The part with the pentagonal fort is Castle Island.

I am stunned like a fish that this wonderland is so close to downtown, but another world.

South Boston, you took me completely by surprise. Is there a single part of this city I am not going to fall for?

16,Castle Island

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  1. Another must, Kate, is a drive North to Cape Ann. Glouschester is so charming. My Father in law was raised there and Whoopi spends large blocks of time there in a bar/restaurant is the harbor owned by a very old friend of hers. It is like stepping back in time. Rockport is charming and very, very heautiful. Very touristy but worth it. I save the beat fir last …. A trip to Essex at the head of Cape Ann. WOODMAN’S… I swear to you, the BEST crab and lobster shack ever. Pick your fresh lobster and they cook it up and you can take it out back and sit along the sea grasses. Our son in law was raised in Boston and he swears by Woodmans. he and our Sarah live in Ashland, Mass. And it is on our list each time we visit. Hope you have the time for the artist colony area and great food. judi

  2. Those bunnies look just like the GIGANTIC CHOCOLATE BUNNY that was given to me as I was coming out of the ether when I was 5 years old (74 years ago) minus my appendix. Thanks for stimulating my memories.

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