The weather here in Boston continues perfect… summery, breezy, not hot or sticky. Yesterday, I went to MIT and had a great sushi lunch with Jack Wisdom, and then got delightfully lost after being spit out of a number of construction diversion tunnels.

Tower Of Power
The Tower Of Power; the highly vertical MIT Earth & Planetary Science building

I ended up on the river, picked a direction, and got spit out like a bad grape not back at Mass Ave, but in another construction diversion that funneled me drastically out of my way, under a bridge and then onto another one (the Longfellow).  So I figured what the hell, and I walked across the river and caught the train back to the South End.

An ideal adventure, in my mind. Anyway, Boston is so small, it’s hard to imagine getting too off-target.

Under the first bridge, I found something beautiful. A trophy wall.

Bridge Trophies

Bridge Trophies Boston

I loved these two trophies; I wondered about whether or not the two drafts of the same style of form were from the same person, or different people or teams. There are fascinating design differences.

Next to the trophy wall was a gorgeous piece of street art.

Two headed vulture


Imagine, if I had gone in exactly the right direction, and marched straight to Mass Ave, and caught my bus home. I would have missed the river, and the woman I spoke to briefly, and the breeze, and the dapple of the light through the trees, and the hilarious backhoe operator I talked to at the bridge construction site, when I asked him if it indeed seemed true that my best bet was to walk over the Longfellow and catch a train.

And I wouldn’t have come out of the Symphony stop at the exact moment Ryan drove by, coming in from Brooklyn, to pick me up on the street. Life is a beautiful dance, especially if we don’t always try to lead.

Ryan and I went out for a late lunch with Evan, then made our way over to the Navy Yard to see Bri, and then off to the North End on foot, across another bridge, for a late Italian dinner. So fantastic. Today, we’ll try to find Lee at the Cloud Club (which is just blocks from our swank flat) and see the giant stained glass globe in the Christian Science center.

Evanorama Boston


Bri and Ryan