I love it here.
And it smells DELICIOUS.

Happily, the weather is perfect and lovely. I know it will be hot and sticky at some point, but not today, and not tomorrow, and honestly, what else is there? The nebulous future.

Our flat in the South End is incredible. I feel so fortunate to be able to experience the place, the location, the fourteen foot ceilings. I have a writing desk in front of a tall window, a little deck off of my huge bedroom. Evan and I are marveling at the beauty, the space, the plethora of delights within just a few-block radius.

good morning BOSTON

We walked out this morning, up Mass Ave. toward MIT, but we didn’t make it, as we magically bumped into everything we needed to drag home on the way. By the time we staggered out of the Post Office with my six Large Flat Rate Priority boxes, we already had two other shopping trips in our hands and my bag.

We just hopped the #1 and headed back home.

I shamelessly took the entire day off (well, after I answered a couple of hours of email and such this morning, that is) and even took a NAP this afternoon. I felt quite the libertine.

Tonight we walked back out, down Columbus a few blocks to a gorgeous little French restaurant that I went to with Bri and Lee Barron last September. We sat on the street, in the soft summer air, and watched the day turn slowly into evening, into night.

Evan and coq a vin

When we finished eating, it was sunset.

Unretouched Boston

When we walked home, it was just falling dark, and Egyptian gods called to us from a psychic’s window.

We had to look up Khnum to find him; the god of the source of the Nile river, one of the old guard.

psychic boston

As I stared at this photo, I began to see psychic as “Psy Chic”, the stylish side of psychological endeavours.

And then I started to see Nile Rodgers in Anubis.

I brought a few things from home. Boxes of work, of course.
A suitcase entirely full of ball gowns, evening bags, and shoes.
A couple of friends.

Kirk is tender and solicitous

I would have brought Horse, but he’s kind of big, and anyway, I asked him to stay and keep watch on Miss Fish and Simon, to keep them safe and remind them that I am always cuddling them in the wholeness of Time.


16 thoughts on “Boston!

  1. You should take more often a day off, you shine from it. I can feel that you are happy.
    That little bag around the red cone is written “Kate” on? Do you have competition or is it a sweet little bag you cherish for some sweet reason?

  2. Kate, You need to go i to the Christian Science Building and experience the Huge stain glass globe …. I understand it is spectacular.

  3. Better still take a “Duck” tour. They are wonderful and you get a lot of the history of Boston. I love Boston too. There is so much to see and do. And the food, the beautiful old buildings and it is clean.

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful beading techniques. Enjoy Boston.

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