St. Louis

I have leapt ahead 1500 or so miles and am now in the steaming middle of the United States. I can feel the arch calling to me; Saarinen is one of my targets this fall and he is calling me as strongly as I am drawn to him. I must enjoy the Arch for him, as the Universe must enjoy physicality through our human bodies. We do what we can for those who cannot.

In book news, Kellner Brown is now firmly in possession of page 89.

Kellner Brown wearing Robin Douglas by Ali Megan, CGB Vol II, Kate McKinnon

I have two days here, then another jump to the Eastern Seaboard ( a set of two words that have enchanted me since childhood… “eastern seaboard”…). Tomorrow, my lover comes home (from Finland, last week, and today and tomorrow and a New Horizons science team drill at APL that is really rather impressive).

We are excited about fall…the five of us haven’t really been together as a family since Bri went off to college, back when the boys were just little kids. It’s sweet to think of us all around a dinner table. Moments are fleeting, and grief and joy swirl in a dance through our lives. Currently, our lives are stable, gentle.

It’s a moment worth noticing, but also/especially worth noting as ephemeral.

So first, just Evan and I, swanking it in the South End. and then at the end of August we’ll move to Cambridge, Bill and Liam and our cats Jasper and Wyatt will show up, then school will start and … then once again I will be free as the wind. Which is good, because I will have worked up a serious jones for Miss Fish (who will not travel) and will need to come home to Tucson to receive the books from the press, swim, take mental inventory.

Fishlick Fishstick

As Liam says about the way I move around, always leaving and arriving, “it looks odd from the outside but it feels right from the inside, and that’s all that matters.”

At 18, he can say this? He’s huge inside.

This afternoon, as I took a photo of one of his pieces in progress, he said to me, calmly and kindly but also firmly, “I’d appreciate it if in future you waited until the drawings were finished before you photographed them.”

And again, I thought, “at 18, you can say this?”

I said, “how else can I comprehend or document your process, which is unique?”

and he shrugged, and said, “Yeah, OK, maybe.”

Liam Please Wait Until Ive Finished

9 thoughts on “St. Louis

  1. I made a bangle on the order of Kellner’s (everyone thinks it is so very sexy,lol), my question is, is his a circular piece, or does it have a clasp? Mine is circular, and it barely fits over my hand, but then hangs a bit loose…is that normal? okay, I have large hands.

  2. I had a family dinner with my adult children last night and I’m aware we are once again on the cusp of change. Your phrase “It’s a moment worth noticing, but also/especially worth noting as ephemeral.”summed it up beautifully. Thank you for putting it into words.
    Liam has awesome drawing skills, that’s a fantastic sketch and I would love to see the finished piece.

  3. This sketch is incredibly fantastic! I wish I could have one… Sigh…
    Miss Fish will miss you terribly… What a beautiful shot of her!
    Have a good time in Boston!

    • That’s lovely, Judith. Liam came by his drawing talent in his cells, it’s who he is, more than what he does, if you know what I mean.

      Irina! Thank you!. Cynthia, yes, very wrenching to leave anything beloved behind. I keep doing it, leaving leaving everyone. But I do come back… so far.

  4. I love what Liam said about odd and right, and it must make you feel so good, too.
    Oh and Kellner is looking gorgeous.

    • I do know exactly what you mean Kate. My father was the same with his art, it was like his pencil and paintbrush were an extension of his hand and his paintings an expression of himself not just what he could see.

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