forward motion

Despite a suite of distractions which I cannot name, or else I will begin thinking of them, I’ve signed off on 232 pages out of 278 as of THIS MOMENT. I’m working on portrait pages today, by special request.

Draft pages of CGB Vol II Kate McKinnon 2014

Exciting doings in the car. Which we might be too sexy for. We don’t know.

Evan has started driving my Miata, and I don’t know that it is either fair or unfair to begin on a stickshift. Yes, there is more to do, but it’s so basic, so core, so really driving, that I think it all works out.  Today, he drove in third gear, and he hasn’t hit anything, or ground the gears. He’s still a little tense, but hey. By the end of the week he’ll be sailing around like Bowie.


I will definitely have to get a portrait of him like this classic postcard shot (taken by Robin Douglas, at one of our photo sessions with Kyle Cassidy two years ago).

Kate on her car postcard

I hope I don’t get so excited that I accidentally give him my Miata and then have to get another one. It’s the sort of thing I would totally do.

5 thoughts on “forward motion

  1. Definitely better to learn on a stick shift….That way, he won’t be limited in the future as to which cars he is able drive. (I may be just a little biased. I learned on a manual transmission, and still drive one. Because, like you, that seems like “really driving” to me in a way that automatic transmission doesn’t. Plus, my left foot gets bored.)


  2. At first I read “…a suit of distractions…” and instantly wondered what such a suit would look like.

    HURRAH on 232 pages. Major. You blow me away.

  3. Well, I am very old-school when it comes to driving and having your children learn. I was poor and always drove Volkswagens, so both my daughters, when it came time, had to learn on stick shifts. It’s how I was taught and I do believe that it is REAL DRIVING!

    Hah, “a suit of distractions!” Would there be lights?

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