I have allowed things to become very swirly this week; the scope of it has definitely exceeded the space I had made for it in my mind and my heart. But there is always more room. Like the wine (not running out that is) it’s just scaling. I can absolutely become bigger.

The easiest way to do it is to open my mind to the past, because then I scale effortlessly to the future, thanks to the concept that every system is a whole, but we often only see one half of it.

The math of physics is like that of photography; as Kyle says, at some level you can just arrange it, and allow observation of result to stand in for inability to pre-calculate. I don’t think I could enter an equation to better scale myself to the frequency of the Universe, but I can certainly experiment and find it, by using myself as a tuning rod. We can see when the light is hitting our wall just so.

Thinking of light, it was fun to be able to just pull up the BBC and watch a beautifully lit Ferry play Glastonbury this afternoon. Everyone was dripping blue light and he sounded glorious. Playing live all year long is agreeing with him. But I know it’s hard work. And hard work is what I love.

ferry glasto 2014

His arrangement of More Than This was heartbreakingly beautiful. I hadn’t ever really heard the song until last night, I realized. It was just a slick piece from Avalon, a soundscape.

Horse, the Gorn, and a naked Barbie sitting in a disembodied hand formed the background, Miss Fish slept on the bed, and Evan put beads into tubes.

It was a beautiful day.

I can’t believe I get six more.
Or that we are moving to Boston in ten days.